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BulletShield in Action video!
Tactical Show

At a recent tactical show, HomeLand Security, FBI agents, SWAT teams,police and other security teams we were in attendance. We delivered our smaller Level One BulletShield for them to beat up on.They hit it, shot at it 46 times, all without any pentetration until they used an AR 15 (which our Level 2 system is designed to defeat). The shooter with the AR 15 remarked, "you know it doesn't much matter, all it made was three small holes, no one could have gotten in". They were so frustrated that a SWAT Team Leader brought in his breach team, They placed Demotiion cord all around it and blew it up. When the flames and smoke cleared three guys who were 20 feet away were on the ground (but ok), and our little demo was still sitting there un-breached! OK now what? Well ummm, C4 was what! In came the explosives guys who placed C4 on our poor little demo unit, and that worked! Well sort of. It blew off our little aluminum frame everything else was still intact. The shields were still there the framing system was there. I am still smiling. It worked well beyond anyone's imagination, even mine!