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We keep intruders OUT

DefenseLite polycarbonate shields are 250-times stronger than the glass it protects. Our pre-cut kits bond OVER the existing glass. "We keep the bad guys out!"

, deters, and defeats forced-entry attempts.

   DefenseLite would have stopped this...
         The glass would not have broken, "no entry, no loss". 

                    DefenseLite in Action!
                       See how DefenseLite works below.

DefenseLite delays intruders more than five times longer than film. The intruder cannot enter the building even if he shoots at it. Our kits are custom-cut and ready to install. 

Our systems bond permanently in place with DefenseLite Super Bond (DSB) a special bonding agent that has the highest elastic modulus on the market. Flexibility, and the ability to absorb shock are part of the reason that DefenseLIte is so effective in keeping intruders out. It acts in similar fashion to a catcher’s mitt, absorbing energy and distributing it equally throughout our unbreakable panels. DSB is a new innovation that adds newfound elastic strength to our design.

Standard 8 year warranty against yellowing, and more
Special anti-scratch solutions are available
Protect your eyes, and furnishings with our standard UV coatings
Keeps panels free of attempts to deface it.

              DefenseLite  Product Lineup                                                       Click on the links above for more detail.                

This just one of the schools we protected in the Sand Hook District
DefenseLite-F. (On Frame).This Sandy Hook school entrance is protected even though it is not obvious. F bonds to the frames of the doors.The polycarbonate edges are color-matched to the building. F protects the most vulnerable areas.

DefenseLite-G; panels bond directly to the glass within the frames. We have created a unique foam stand-off system that cushions impacts. It is so easily installed that clients sometimes choose to install the pre-cut kits themselves.

. Our multi-wall removable panels are ultralight, inexpensive, clear, and unbreakable. It protects windows from storm, hail, golf ball, and bird strike damage. They will also reduce heating and cooling costs!

DefenseLite-Flood. Our inexpensive flood panels not only seal out flood waters but also guard against impacts from floating debris. It snaps into place and is completely watertight,
BulletShield. The only retrofit ballistic protection on the market. DefenseLite on the outside keeps the intruder out while the ballistic panel is bonded and bolted to the inside. It is the least expensive of all tested systems.

DefenseLite-R: We are about to launch a new series to protect homes. Patio doors seem to be secure but they are not only transparent but are also transparent to intruders. A simple metal punch reduces the glass to fragments in the blink of an eye. There is no current protection for this security breach. We are about to fix that. DefenseLite-R is currently being tested. Alarms and cameras do not keep intruders out, This will!

AND we will also launch a system to protect double glazed windows.

Defenselite reduces HVAC costs
All panels are completely sealed against moisture
Defenselite makes the interior quieter
  • ALL our UV coated systems reduce HVAC costs! 
  • All panels are sealed to prevent moisture and fogging.
  • Interior sound levels are reduced - important for schools!
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Gary R. Trott

President & CEO