Riot Protection

Riot Protective Glass Film for Doors & Windows

Protect Glass Storefronts From Riot Smash & Grab

Storefront glass windows and doors are particularly prone to attack when riots break out because they’re an easy target for smash and grab looters. DefenseLite’s storefront riot protection can withstand numerous impacts from thrown objects and weapons like hammers and axes to keep looters away from your merchandise. This clear “riot proof glass” polycarbonate shield maintains the existing appearance of your doors and windows while providing for the robust protection needed today.

Anti Smash & Grab Solutions

Ballistic Resistant Riot Protective Glass Window System

To protect your business from a riot attack, install DefenseLite’s bullet-resistant polycarbonate security overglaze - BulletShield. While many times rioters use weapons like crowbars to force entry, you never know when a ballistic attack may occur. This ballistic riot protective glass system mitigates a number of attacks including ballistic, keeping your most important assets - people - and your merchandise safe without sacrificing visual appeal.

About BulletShield

DefenseLite vs. Security Film for Glass Protection

Field applied security films are used to enhance the safety of existing glass windows and doors, but won’t stand up to riot attacks the same way DefenseLite does. With an impact resistance 250 times that of glass, DefenseLite’s riot protective glass window system is nearly unbreakable, keeping vandals outside. Security film may deter criminals for a short time, however will fail under longer, repeated attacks. DefenseLite is engineered and tested to protect against long duration and mob attack scenarios.

DefenseLite vs. Security Film

Riot Protective Glass FAQs

How much does riot protective glass cost?

DefenseLite’s custom-engineered riot protective glass system typically costs between $40 – $75 per square foot, depending on the design, project scope, and level of protection required. All DefenseLite riot protective glass windows and door panels are installed by certified and trained dealers. Depending on the system, our riot protective glass warranties range from a minimum of 7 years to up to 15 years.

Similar to other unbreakable glass systems on the market, DefenseLite riot protective glass is not specifically manufactured to be bullet-resistant. However, we do offer a bullet-resistant solution for commercial properties that require the highest degree of protection on the market.

What is riot protective glass from DefenseLite?

Riot protective glass is the perfect solution for protecting storefront glass windows and doors from smash-and-grab attempts from looters during riot situations. Our retrofit polycarbonate riot protective glass alternative is capable of withstanding smash-and-grab attempts from rioters throwing hammers, bricks, rocks, axes, and other weapons through storefront glass windows and doors in an attempt to loot and steal merchandise.

Can riot protective glass be broken?

Laminated riot protective glass breaks easily under attack and needs to be replaced. DefenseIite’s polycarbonate version is very difficult to break, with an impact resistance of 250 times that of standard annealed glass. DefenseLite’s riot protective glass window system is nearly unbreakable, mitigating multiple forced entry attempts.

Given the incredible amount of effort and repeated attempts it would take a vandal to breach our riot protective glass, during riot situations, most looters will move on to an easier target.

How thick is riot protective glass?

Most riot protective glass is between 4-6mm thick. Questions about thickness often arise when business owners are concerned about visibility issues.

DefenseLite riot protective glass is not only 250 times stronger than regular glass but is virtually invisible when installed. Our polycarbonate riot protective glass alternative shields do not limit or distort visibility, leaving glass crystal clear.

What is riot protective glass made of?

Our riot protective glass system is made of unbelievably strong polycarbonate shields. This architectural plastic is 250 times stronger than regular glass and is a retrofit solution that is applied over your existing glazing to deter and mitigate looting attempts during riot situations. This provides protection under the extreme conditions of continual smash-and-grab attempts.

Unlike standard glass, our riot protective polycarbonate glass alternative is shatter-resistant and can withstand repeated blows from weapons like hammers, bricks, and axes.

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