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Polycarbonate UV Protective Coating for Windows

DefenseLite System Provides UV Ray Window Protection

Not only does DefenseLite protect your business from forced entry and theft, but it also protects people and possessions from harmful UV rays. The UV protective coating for windows integrated into DefenseLite products will keep your furniture and merchandise looking clean and crisp. On top of that, the UV ray window protection reduces glare from sunlight which minimizes eye strain for individuals inside

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UV Protected Polycarbonate Panels vs. UV Reflective Glass

DefenseLite UV protected polycarbonate panels have numerous benefits over UV reflective glass. Polycarbonate provides all of the benefits of glass-like transparency and aesthetics but is also stronger, lighter, and offers more insulation. In fact, DefenseLite has an impact resistance 250 times stronger than glass and insulates more than 50% better than UV treated glass.

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Increase Comfort with UV Resistant Polycarbonate Security Panels

DefenseLite’s proprietary high-optic polycarbonate UV coating for windows keeps you comfortable by adding a layer of protection from the elements. DefenseLite offers superb insulation, keeping temperatures in your office building, school, or retail space moderate and saving money on energy utilities. These UV blocking windows also protect from UV rays that can be harmful to the eyes and skin.

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