Safety & Security

Protective Safety Glazing Retrofit for Windows and Doors

Anti Smash & Grab Security Glazing

DefenseLite anti-theft security shields protect your business from glass-related damage and your inventory from theft. These anti smash-and-grab windows and door retrofits are clear, virtually unbreakable shields that bond over existing glazing protecting primary windows and door glass, making it nearly impossible to break in. Unsuccessful, criminals flee the scene, keeping you safe.

Anti Smash & Grab Solutions

Security Glazing Solutions for Active Shooter Mitigation

DefenseLite and BulletShield are engineered to flex under attack, keeping bullets and bad guys out. As proven glass security solutions, both products are designed to protect building occupants from ballistic threats and provide active shooter mitigation by slowing the shooter so they can’t enter the building. DefenseLite and BulletShield successfully prevent active shooters. BulletShield panels have been independently tested to meet UL 752 ballistic standards.

Active Shooter Prevention

Retrofit Blast Resistant Safety & "Security Glass" Systems

Blast protection must be considered in building design when a facility is a potential target or located in the vicinity of a potential target. DefenseLite blast-resistant retrofit door and window overglaze panels contain fragmented glass from causing harm. DefenseLite’s architectural grade polycarbonate has a much higher impact resistance than glass, thereby making it a safer and more secure alternative to conventional safety glass windows, which can shatter and ‘white-out’ under attack.

Blast Resistant Systems

"Security Glass" Solutions For Forced Entry Prevention

DefenseLite forced entry polycarbonate is a “security glass solution” for door and window glass, combining versatility, scalability, and flexibility to prevent intrusions. These custom-designed forced-entry resistant door and window overglaze systems keep your existing glazing intact. DefenseLite forced entry shields are designed to keep criminals out. In most cases of forced entry, window and door glass protected by DefenseLite does not break and the bad guy is kept outside the building.

Forced Entry Prevention

Polycarbonate Storm Panels for Glass Safety & Security

Regular window glass shatters easily, creating dangerous shards that are likely to cause injuries during storms. DefenseLite offers security from criminals while also acting as polycarbonate storm panels. Whether for windows, walls, or glass door security, DefenseLite’s impact resistance is 250 times that of glass which means it protects your primary glass from shattering in a storm and can stop dangerous flying debris.

Storm Protection Solutions

Polycarbonate Glass Protection Solutions During Riots

A storefront made of standard window glass provides little protection against forced entry attempts during a riot. Laminated riot protective glass may protect your store from theft, but will still show expensive signs of glass-related damage and, in most cases, require replacement. DefenseLite’s security window and door overglaze systems are made of polycarbonate which, upon attack, flexes, absorbs, and deflects energy away making it futile for a vandals attack. Unlike windows treated with security film or laminated glass, DefenseLite shields remains intact.

Riot Protective Glass

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