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DefenseLite retrofit security glazing solutions provide protection from forced entry, smash-and-grab crime and dangerous civil unrest. Unlike conventional glass door security options, DefenseLite polycarbonate window overglaze is 250 times stronger than glass alone. In most cases, window and door glass secured by DefenseLite don’t break under a forced entry attack. With its patented extruded framing system creating a standoff from the primary glass, DefenseLite helps avoid expensive emergency board-up and glass replacement costs while keeping the bad guys out!

Safety & Security Solutions

Comfort & Energy Glazing Solutions

Improve the energy efficiency of your office building, school, or storefront by up to 50% with DefenseLite commercial glazing solutions. DefenseLite is an over-glaze system that acts as an effective insulator for the colder months, while providing heat reduction during warmer months. These secondary glazing systems protect against infrared and UV rays to keep you comfortable and your furniture and merchandise looking its best.

Comfort & Energy Solutions

Privacy Glazing Solutions

In addition to protection against theft and property damage, DefenseLite offers several privacy options for security and peace of mind within your building, office or school. A thin-film coating can be applied on any DefenseLite door or window to create much desired visual privacy. DefenseLite’s advanced glazing solutions - including LCG “switchable” technologies - provide on-demand privacy and protection for executives, employees, students, and teachers.

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PPE Products for Personal Safety

DefenseLite security glazing solutions offer you, your property, and possessions protection from smash-and-grab crime, theft, and dangerous shattered glass. Unlike conventional glass door security options, DefenseLite safety glass windows are 250 times stronger than glass which means in most cases of attempted forced entry, windows and glass protected by DefenseLite don’t break. With an extruded framing system, your existing glass remains intact.

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