Defenselite Energy

DefenseLite Energy: Best Energy Saving Glass System

DefenseLite Energy (DLE) is a clear energy shield and advanced low e energy saving glass alternative that installs over existing window glass and frame to provide multilayer protection against solar heat gain, air infiltration, UV rays, and heat transfer by creating a new insulating air space.

Utilizing high optic UV coated energy shields with infrared light (IR) resistance and multi-layer low-E film coatings, DLE can improve existing single-pane glass to perform as a new, high-performance triple-pane glass alternative window system.

DefenseLite Energy is a custom engineered building envelope solution that combines the best in materials science with an easy retrofit solution for glass, providing advanced protection from the sun’s ultraviolet rays and superior energy efficiency.

DefenseLite Energy Low-E Glass Energy Savings

DLE will triple the existing thermal transmittance (U values) and Solar Heat Gain resistance. Our smart energy-saving glass system can eliminate any air infiltration through your existing window.

Expect over 30% energy savings in cold climates, allowing for significant reductions in HVAC replacement which will more than offset the cost of the energy-efficient window improvements.

DLE also reduces street noise by up to 40% as an added tenant benefit.

DefenseLite Energy mounts in front of the existing glass and window frame on the interior of your structure, creating a perfect, retrofit energy-efficient glass system.

Benefits of Our Energy Saving Glass Alternative

  • Triples the performance of the glass
  • Stops unwanted air infiltration through the window frame
  • Advanced solar control reduces heat transmission from the sun’s rays
  • Normalizes temperature in all occupied spaces
  • Reduces hot and cold zones
  • Eliminates the need for electric space heaters by reducing heat loss during cold months
  • Low weight and low cost with high performance

The extrusion creates insulating airspace and thermal buffer to your primary window, eliminating air infiltration while also improving solar heat gain. Our energy-saving glass window system can be easily removed for future window access.

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