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Hospital Security Solutions for Glass Windows & Doors

Reinforce Door & Window Glass for Safety of Hospital Patients and Staff

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration has recommended the installation of shatterproof and “bulletproof glass” at nurse’s stations, in windows, essential entrances, and in the triage and admitting areas of hospitals since 2004. With the installation of DefenseLite’s hospital security solutions, administrators will find it easy to handle various risks and increase security without degrading services.

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Boost Healthcare Industry Security with Bullet Resistant Glazing Retrofits

Installing a bullet resistant defensive glazing system is one of the most efficient and affordable ways to improve security for hospitals and other healthcare facilities. With active shooter threats on the rise, it’s important to ensure the protection of employees, patients and visitors from impending threat. With a BulletShield retrofit, stop bullets and other projectiles while slowing down active shooters. Enable those inside the building opportunity to escape and the critical time needed for first responders to go to work.

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Polycarbonate vs. Window Film for Hospital Security

The polycarbonate security shields of DefenseLite increase hospital safety against a number of dangerous situations from security threats to blast resistance and flying debris in extreme weather conditions. Window films applied to existing glass windows can improve impact resistance, but will still shatter after repeated impacts, creating potential hazards from flying glass and intruders.

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Safety Face Shields & Dividers for Medical Workers

DefenseLite’s PPE products include safety face shields for medical workers and polycarbonate sneeze guards to protect nurses and doctors from spray and droplets. Our 3N1 multi-use face shields save valuable time and PPE in critical care environments. The customizable covid dividers are manufactured to suit each hospital’s needs including customizable elements like cloaking technology for screen privacy.

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