DefenseLite vs. Security Glass Film: Which is Harder to Break?

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When it comes to reinforcing windows to make glass stronger and harder to break, does security glass film fit the bill?

For some applications, security film does offer a sufficient solution. However, for greater levels of protection, products like DefenseLite are often recommended. It’s important to note that DefenseLite IS NOT security glass film. In fact, it’s better.

DefenseLite is a clear security shield that installs over existing window and door glass creating a layer of protection designed to keep the bad guys out.

Unlike security glass film, DefenseLite is an engineered forced-entry security glass system that combines the best of materials science with an easy retrofit installation process that’s virtually invisible and unbreakable once installed.

How is DefenseLite Harder to Break Compared to Glass Security Film?

A patented technology, DefenseLite is 250 times stronger than glass, nearly invisible once installed and an affordable solution that works.

Utilizing proprietary high-optic UV coated polycarbonate shields, multi-layer thin films and tough structural adhesives and anchors, DefenseLite is an engineered forced-entry solution that combines the best of materials science with an easy “retrofit installation solution”.

Where other solutions fall short, DefenseLite addresses every building’s most vulnerable area – glass windows and doors.

  • Untreated: glass can be instantly breached with a simple metal punch
  • Security Window Film: even properly installed, only delays entry for 30-45 seconds
  • Laminated glass: breaks upon impact; expensive to install/service
  • Roll-down grills and deployable gates: look terrible; expensive and costly to service over time, and only work when deployed

DefenseLite’s Performance Capabilities

  • Outperforms security window film and laminated glass
  • Less costly than unsightly grills and gates
  • 250 times stronger than glass alone
  • Provides 24/7 invisible glass protection with no moving parts
  • Installs quickly and has an impressive warranty

DefenseLite is a Custom, Retrofit Solution

Each DefenseLite system is custom fabricated, based on:

  • Existing glazing conditions
  • Potential threats
  • Customer preferences/desired budgets

DefenseLite System Components Include:

  • Use of exotic plastics, polycarbonates and glass-clad shields
  • Installation with all-weather adhesives, high-performance films and mechanical anchors
  • Interior and/or exterior installation, depending on existing conditions

Make Glass Stronger & More Impenetrable with DefenseLite

DefenseLite shields are mounted to glazing frames using a custom aluminum extrusion that creates a stand-off from your primary window and door glass. Upon attack, the entire system flexes, absorbs and deflects energy away keeping the bad guys outside.

In most cases, the primary window does not break and the criminal flees the scene keeping you from being victimized. Unlike cameras and alarms, DefenseLite simply stops crime. Continued forced-entry attacks just aren’t worth it when there are so many easier opportunities down the street.

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