DefenseLite Markets for Security Glazing Applications

Commercial Buildings

The safety of employees and customers from any kind of threat within the corporate office premises is the prime responsibility of the business owner. In order to achieve the required safety standards, commercial security windows and doors should be installed. DefenseLite’s custom-fabricated building security solutions will keep your employees and clients safe from intruding threats and projectiles.

Commercial Security Solutions

Police Stations & Government Buildings

While many rely on police stations and government buildings for safety, the police officers and employees also need protection. Police station and government building security systems should take into account the higher level of the threat these buildings face. DefenseLite has been independently tested for ballistic protection and is recommended in high traffic areas like entrances, transaction windows, and lobbies.

Police & Government Solutions


Various incidents of violence in and around hospitals have made hospital authorities take steps to provide a higher level of hospital security for their doctors, patients, attendants, and other employees. BulletShield by DefenseLite is a hospital security solution that creates a virtually invisible protective shield that keeps occupants safe from bullets and other threatening projectiles.

Hospital Security Solutions


For school administrators, it can be difficult to decide which school security solutions to implement, but DefenseLite’s forced-entry and bullet-resistant window and door over-glaze solutions have proven to be one of the best practices for enhancing security on school premises. This retrofit ballistic and forced entry security solution helps to prevent school shootings by providing for a layer of protection to children, teachers, and administrators in active shooter situations.

School Security Solutions

Retail Storefronts

Business owners have a responsibility to their employees and customers to protect them from potential hazards and security threats. DefenseLite’s retrofit storefront security system will protect your business and those in it from forced entry, smash and grab, riots, and ballistic attacks to keep your employees and customers safe and protect your merchandise from theft.

Storefront Security Solutions

Restaurants & Hotels

DefenseLite protects guests, customers, and employees against threats ranging from active shooters and thieves to weather hazards and bomb blasts, providing necessary hospitality security. With an impact resistance 250 times that of glass, these clear polycarbonate security shields are ideal in hospitality environments where enhanced security is required, but visibility and appearance should remain unaffected.

Hospitality Security Solutions

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