Anti-Smash and Grab

Anti-Theft Glass & Smash and Grab Window Protection

Smash and Grab Window Protection for Storefronts

DefenseLite’s retrofit smash and grab window protection system is engineered to keep criminals and vandals out. To prevent smash and grab attacks and protect your storefront from theft, these smash proof polycarbonate panels attach to the existing framing, creating a buffer zone to protect the original glass. With easier targets down the street, criminals give up and leave your store unharmed.

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Smash Proof Windows for Riot Protection

You never know when a riot may break out near your business. To prevent vandals from breaking in and stealing inventory, DefenseLite’s anti-smash and grab window protection for storefronts absorbs impact from thrown objects and blunt objects. Additionally, DefenseLite incorporates a proprietary sacrificial film coating on its surface that defeats graffiti tagging, while protecting the shield so you don’t have to replace panels after most attacks.

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DefenseLite Panels vs. Anti-Theft Glass

Unlike convention anti-theft glass products, DefenseLite is an engineered solution that combines scientifically proven technology with aesthetically pleasing looks to stop forced entry attempts. Unlike expensive laminated anti-theft glass, DefenseLite doesn’t break under attack because it’s manufactured from polycarbonate which is far better at absorbing impact. In fact, DefenseLite is 250 times stronger than glass and is an affordable solution that stops theft.

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