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Forced Entry Resistant Doors & Windows

Forced Entry Resistant Glazing

DefenseLite is a security glazing solution engineered to protect your existing window and door glass. DefenseLite combines the clear and unobtrusive appearance of security window films with the forced entry prevention performance of roll-down grills and gates. Unlike grills and gates, DefenseLite protects your business at all times and is virtually invisible. These forced-entry resistant door and window retrofit solutions keep your merchandise and employees safe from attack, while maintaining appealing storefront aesthetics.

DefenseLite vs. Security Film

Retrofit Solution for Forced Entry Security Glazing

DefenseLite’s forced entry security glazing retrofit stands up to a number of tools that might be used in a forced entry attack including crowbars, sledgehammers and ballistic attacks. Our custom-designed retrofit systems install easily and create a clear security barrier that is easily replaced if damaged after attack, keeping your school, office building, or storefront safe from criminals over the long-term.

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Forced Entry Ballistic Resistant Doors & Windows

BulletShield retrofit forced entry ballistic resistant door and window overlays have been independently tested to meet UL752 ballistic standards and are suited for a wide range of commercial applications. To stop a forced entry and ballistic attack, BulletShields patented clear shield systems are engineered to flex, absorb and deflect impact energy stopping rounds and stalling the attacker while giving you time to respond by fighting back or calling law enforcement.

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