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School Security Solutions for Reinforced & Bullet Resistant Glass

Bullet Resistant Polycarbonate Security Glazing for Schools

Improve security for school shootings by installing DefenseLite’s retrofit bullet-resistant polycarbonate security shields. These school security products protect students and teachers from ballistic threats in addition to providing noise reduction, energy efficiency and blast resistance. The increasing cases of gun violence on school campuses means bullet-resistant glazing is all but necessary in schools today. DefenseLite makes it easy and affordable to get you the protection needed to protect our school windows and doors.

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Increase School Safety Against Ballistic Threats

The active-shooter mitigation capabilities of BulletShield by DefenseLite increases school safety and puts parents’ minds at ease. BulletShield’s custom-fabricated retrofit security shields can be installed on both doors and windows in daycare centers, K-12, and college campuses. These bullet-resistant shields stand up to multiple shots, stalling the shooter and keeping students safe.

Active Shooter Prevention

Reinforced Security Doors & Windows for Schools

Today’s challenges for school security solutions include gun violence, theft, and vandalism. DefenseLite’s reinforced security windows and doors protect students, staff, and property from numerous forms of attack. The polycarbonate shields have an impressive impact resistance offering protection from ballistic attacks and forced entry attempts to help you create a safer and healthier environment for students and teachers.

Learn about the new NGA ASTM International standard test method for forced entry resistance of fenestration systems.

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PPE Desk Dividers & Protective Face Shields for Schools

DefenseLite’s classroom covid dividers and protective shields help mitigate the spread of dangerous germs in schools. These classroom sneeze guards protect students from spray and droplets while still allowing them to see and hear the teacher’s lesson. They can be customized to each classroom’s needs with additions like our projectable PPE covid barriers which provide projectable surfaces for presentations.

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