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Ideal for use in retail, office settings, and schools, DefenseLite’s line of personal protective equipment/PPE products include countertop and desk dividers that can be customized to best fit your business’ needs. Each covid divider can be modified with privacy and cloaking coatings as well as engineered for optimal safety for your students, customers, and employees with one sided or three-sided construction.

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RealShield Face Shield PPE Products

Protect your eyes, nose, and mouth from droplets and airborne particles with RealShield™, DefenseLite’s covid face shield. RealShield™ is a face shield PPE product that’s easy to clean and re-use, adds UV protection, and is fast and easy to attach to any hat or visor. Show your smile and reconnect with your community wearing a polycarbonate face shield with full transparency.

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Sneeze Guard PPE Products

To protect students, teachers, and employees from airborne virus particles and spray, install countertop or desktop sneeze guards. DefenseLite’s polycarbonate sneeze guard has been engineered to stop the spread of dangerous germs and disease with top-of-the-line durability and scratch resistance. These PPE products help get employees and students back to work safely while incorporating cloaking, projection, and switchable technology options.

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