Bullet-Resistant Transaction Windows

Enhanced Protection and Peace of Mind

Sliding Transaction Windows

Bullet resistant sliding transaction windows feature a movable panel that can be opened and closed as needed. They provide a secure way for transactions to occur while still allowing for communication and the exchange of items between parties. These windows are commonly found in banks. Bullet-resistant transaction windows are frequently installed in financial institutions to protect tellers and customers during transactions. They provide a barrier against potential armed robberies or other security threats while allowing for the exchange of money and documents. Pharmacies may employ bullet-resistant transaction windows in areas where controlled substances are dispensed, providing protection for pharmacists and staff during transactions with customers.

UL 752 & NIJ Ballistic Standards

Transaction Windows w/ Drawers

DefenseLite bullet resistant transaction windows w/ drawers feature a built-in drawer or tray that allows for the secure exchange of items, such as cash, documents, or tickets, without the need for direct contact between parties. In areas where gas stations may be vulnerable to theft or violence, bullet-resistant transaction windows can be installed in cashier booths to protect employees while conducting transactions with customers. Convenience stores and retail establishments may install bullet-resistant transaction windows at checkout counters to safeguard employees from potential armed robberies or theft attempts.

UL 752 & NIJ Ballistic Standards

Fixed Transaction Windows

Permanently installed, fixed transaction windows do not have any moving parts and are often used where a secure barrier is needed between employees and customers. Government buildings, including post offices and municipal offices, often utilize bullet-resistant transaction windows at service counters to ensure the safety of employees and citizens during interactions involving sensitive information or transactions. Fixed transaction windows are classified according to their level of bullet resistance, typically rated using standards such as UL or NIJ. These ratings range from lower levels (e.g., UL Level 1 or NIJ Level I) to higher levels (e.g., UL Level 8 or NIJ Level IV), indicating the window's ability to withstand different calibers and velocities of bullets.

UL 752 & NIJ Ballistic Standards

Speak-Through Transaction Windows

DefenseLite bullet resistant transaction windows are equipped with a built-in communication system, such as a microphone and speaker, to facilitate clear communication between individuals on either side of the window. They are often used in settings where verbal interaction is necessary, such as banks, gas stations, and information booths. Some businesses may require customized bullet-resistant transaction windows to meet specific security or operational needs. DefenseLite products can be tailored in terms of size, shape, materials, and features to accommodate unique requirements. Contact us today for more information and a customized solution tailored to your needs.

UL 752 & NIJ Ballistic Standards

Bullet Resistant Transaction Windows FAQs

What is a bullet-resistant transaction window?

A bullet-resistant transaction window is a specially designed barrier system typically installed in places such as banks, government offices, ticket booths, and convenience stores. It provides a secure interface for transactions while offering protection against ballistic threats.

Are bullet-resistant transaction windows completely bulletproof?

While bullet-resistant transaction windows are designed to withstand ballistic impacts, no barrier system is entirely bulletproof. However, they are engineered to significantly reduce the risk of penetration and provide a level of protection for individuals behind the window.

Can bullet-resistant transaction windows be customized to fit specific requirements?

Yes, bullet-resistant transaction windows can be customized to fit specific architectural, security, and aesthetic requirements. They can be manufactured in various sizes, shapes, and configurations to suit different applications.

Do bullet-resistant transaction windows impair visibility or communication?

Bullet-resistant transaction windows are designed to provide clear visibility and effective communication between individuals on both sides of the window. They often incorporate features such as speech transmission systems and transparent materials to facilitate interactions.

Are there any regulations or standards governing the installation of bullet-resistant transaction windows?

Yes, there are industry standards and regulations, such as those set by Underwriters Laboratories (UL), which define the testing criteria and performance levels for bullet-resistant materials and systems. It’s essential to ensure that installations comply with relevant standards and local building codes.

Can existing windows be retrofitted with bullet-resistant materials?

Yes, in many cases, existing windows can be retrofitted with bullet-resistant materials to enhance security without the need for complete replacement. However, the feasibility of retrofitting may depend on factors such as the condition of the existing window frame and the desired level of protection.

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