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Hospitality Security Solutions for Glass Windows & Doors

Glass Security Protection for Hotels & Restaurants

Hotels and restaurants have a responsibility to protect guests, customers, and workers from 21st century threats. DefenseLite hospitality security solutions protect against smash & grab attempts, theft, vandalism, and much more. These ultra strong polycarbonate security shields are custom designed to be virtually invisible once installed, adding security while maintaining the appearance of your hotel or restaurant.

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Boost Hospitality Industry Security with "Bullet Resistant Glass"

Installing a bullet resistant defense system is one of the most efficient and affordable ways to improve hospitality industry security standards. With active shooter threats on the rise, it’s the responsibility of the building owners and managers to protect customers, guests, and employees from bullets and other projectiles. BulletShield slows active shooters, allowing those in the building to escape.

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Hotel Security Solutions for Doors & Windows

DefenseLite is fully customizable and can be installed over both doors and windows, providing hotel safety and security for all potential areas of forced entry. When it comes to hotel door security, a virtually unbreakable clear shield is retrofitted over the existing glass, protecting the entirety of the door and making it too difficult for intruders to gain entry.

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Sneeze Guards & Face Shields for Hospitality Workers

Hospitality workers deserve protection from the spread of Covid. DefenseLite’s sneeze guards for hospitality workers are made of polycarbonate, which means they stand up against daily use unlike plexiglass barriers, which will chip and break down over time. RealShield, our reusable face shield, protects workers’ eyes and mouth from spray in situations where customers are unable to wear a mask.

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