Retrofit, Clear Laminate for Reliable Riot Protection


When violence breaks out, retailers and building owners need robust protection amidst chaos on the streets. Building and storefront glass windows and doors are easy targets for forced entry, property damage and inventory theft.

RiotLite™, is an innovative laminate solution from DefenseLite that applies directly onto existing glass surfaces. Featuring a durable, thick film ‘stack’ for application to interior glass, RiotLite provides reliable shatter-resistance for property owners in the face of severe security threats — including riots and smash & grab crime.  RiotLite is an economical protective measure against physical threats from violent criminals and mobs and installed nationwide by certified dealers.


RiotLite™ consists of optically clear, 4-40 mil thick films “stacked” in a proprietary fashion for application to interior glass surfaces. This thick, clear laminate provides a sturdy layer of fragment resistance, absorbing the impact from blunt force. Keep bad guys at bay rather than allowing for easy entry to your business with the application of this security laminate.

With “stackable” protection up to 40 mils, RiotLite is built to withstand high-impact threats. Plus, with properties of UV protection, RiotLite even reduces the negative effects of UV exposure, leading to added longevity of interior furnishings and inventories. Easy to clean with long-lasting durability, RiotLite is the clear choice for riot protective glass for storefront and building doors and windows.


Amidst rising threats of riots and violence, RiotLite offers unprecedented protection. Here are just a few of the benefits of RiotLite.

  • Optically clear, 4-40mil thick film for application to interior glass.
  • Stackable protection up to 40 mils.
  • Provides shatter resistance, protecting from broken glass hazards caused by glass breakage and other impact events.
  • Exhibits strong adhesion to glass and shock absorbing properties.
  • Protective hard coat provides scratch resistance and a durable surface.
  • Protect from the harmful effects of UV light and reduce fading of interior furnishings.
  • Easily cleaned with typical window cleaning solutions.

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What is RiotLite Safety & Security Laminate?

RiotLite is an innovative ‘stackable security film” solution from DefenseLite, built specifically to protect buildings and storefronts from riots and smash & grab crime. Built with a thick, clear film “stack” combined with a strong mechanical adhesive system, RiotLite adds a layer of shatter-resistant protection designed for the loss prevention professional.

What is the RiotLite Glass Protection Solution Made Of?

RiotLite is constructed with optically clear, 4-40 mil thick layers of PET security films for application to interior glass surfaces. Strong UV inhibitors and aggressive mechanical adhesives make RiotLite a durable material and clear choice for window riot protection.

How Can RiotLite Protect My Business From Riots and Forced Entry?

RiotLite is built specifically to repel rioters, looters and criminals looking to break into your building or storefront through windows and doors. The laminate’s thick membrane absorbs the impact from intruders — from fists and rocks to crowbars and baseball bats — thus keeping window systems intact and protecting your business from violence.