Courthouse Hardening

Retrofit Bullet Resistant Glazing for Courthouses & Court Facility Planning

Glazing for Courthouse Windows and Doors

DefenseLite glazing systems can be customized to fit various architectural courthouse design standards including security requirements allowing for seamless integration into existing courthouse structures or new courthouse construction projects. While providing high levels of protection, DefenseLite maintains excellent visibility, allowing natural light to enter the building and enabling occupants to maintain visual contact with the surrounding environment. Bullet-resistant glazing on entrances, transaction windows and lobbies with windows and door glass provides a critical layer of protection for courthouse occupants, including judges, jurors, lawyers, and other personnel.

DefenseLite for Courthouses

GSA Courthouse Program Bullet Resistant Glazing

Courthouse hardening planning should include bullet-resistant “security glass systems” to keep active shooters out. Since local county government buildings are high target areas, extra safety precautions should be taken to protect sensitive material and government employees. BulletShield is rated to UL752 ballistic standards and have impressive forced-entry capabilities. By reinforcing vulnerable entry points like windows and glass doors, DefenseLite helps deter and delay intruders, providing valuable time that will slow shooters long enough for law enforcement to intervene.

BulletShield for Courthouses

Polycarbonate Panels for Blast & Riot Protective Glass

Courthouse hardening enhances the security and resilience of courthouse buildings to protect against various threats, including physical attacks, such as shootings or bombings. DefenseLite’s polycarbonate panels also offer protection against rioters and bomb blasts. Specifically engineered for county courthouses and government buildings, these custom-built panels are adaptable security solutions designed to blend in with existing glazing. Since local courthouses and municipality buildings often have civilian employees dealing directly with the public, bullet-resistant barriers should also be installed for added security. Contact us to assess the risks for your courthouse.

Courthouse Blast Protection

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