Heat Reduction

Cold and Heat Reflective Glass Coating for Windows and Doors

DefenseLite System Acts as a Window Heat Blocker

Heat gain and loss through windows accounts for a large portion of most utility bills. It’s no secret that glass windows and doors can be one of the least energy-efficient areas of any building. DefenseLite’s polycarbonate heat reflective coating acts as a window heat blocker to prevent heat loss during winter months and unwanted heat gain during summer months.

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Polycarbonate Heat Reflective Coating for Windows

Control the high energy costs associated with unwanted heat gain into your building. Glass lets light and heat pass through it freely and though a heat reflective coating for windows may help, the heat reflective polycarbonate used in DefenseLite prevents heat build-up by reflecting UV and infrared rays while still allowing most visible light through.

About DefenseLite

Heat Reflective Glass for Doors & Windows

DefenseLite is primarily crafted of polycarbonate which gives it an advantage over conventional heat reflective glass products in the market today. Polycarbonate is much stronger than glass and DefenseLite’s retrofit film options provide for impressive solar heat gain reduction and sun control. With extensive insulation and UV and infrared blocking polycarbonate, DefenseLite provides thermal efficiency and safety in one.

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