DefenseLite Pro

Extra Strength. Extra Security. Extra Protection.

About DefenseLite Pro for Advanced Glass Security & Loss Prevention

DefenseLite Pro is an extra protection security glazing system that installs over commercial windows and door glass, creating greater protection that’s meant to prevent forced entry through existing glass.

A more robust version of DefenseLite, the DefenseLite Pro’s polycarbonate glazing panels are thicker than the original. However, this solution is just as invisible once installed, and remains an affordable and effective retrofit to withstand intruder attempts to break into your property.

Each DefenseLite installation is custom engineered to fit existing conditions. Defenselite’s patented climatized specific venting system ensures long-term system integrity and mitigates condensation.

How DefenseLite Pro Works

DefenseLite Pro polycarbonate security shields are retrofit installed by being mounted with mechanical fasteners to your primary glazing frames. DefenseLite Pro utilizes our most robust extrusions and thicker polycarbonate shields that provide extra protection for existing commercial windows and door openings. This advanced security glazing system absorbs energy and discourages the bad guys from proceeding further with each strike, defeating forced entry in the process.

Designed to blend seamlessly into your existing conditions, DefenseLite Pro’s proprietary, heavy-duty extrusion system can help you prevent smash-and-grabs without taking away from the building’s aesthetic appeal. Primary glass windows and doors rarely break following the installation of this stronger overglaze security panel and criminals eventually give up their attack after a few failed attempts at breaking the glass and gaining entry into your building.

DefenseLite vs. DefenseLite Pro

1) A thicker extrusion mounts to the primary glazing frame, providing additional protection for the existing glass from the polycarbonate security shield.

2) Heavier-duty polycarbonate reduces “the pillowing effect” to the primary glazing providing for resilient physical security and access control upon an attempted smash-and-grab.

3) Stabilized UV retrofit, high-temperature polycarbonate shield can be installed onto commercial windows and physical doors with an extrusion that’s twice as thick as our original DefenseLite glazing system.

4) Customizable thermoformable sheet is lightweight and easy to fabricate upon installation onto your primary glazing.

Retrofit Security Glazing System Benefits

With threats like forced entry, smash-and-grab crimes, and political riots at an all-time high, ensure maximized protection for prized assets with DefensePro.

  • Cease unprecedented forced entry
  • Create an anti-theft environment
  • Stop intruders from inflicting glass damages
  • Protect glass from beatings it can’t withstand
  • Provides extra security, strength, and protection
  • Reduce “pillowing” effect after a smash-and-grab
  • Preserves the aesthetic appeal of your property
  • 24/7 protection of your building
  • First line of defense against thieves and rioters
  • Customizable thermoformable sheets

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DefenseLite Pro FAQs

What is security glass used for?

Security glass is most commonly used to protect overhead or ground-level windows. They are meant to provide security in buildings, institutions, or other locations where there are a lot of people who need to be protected from intruders.

DefenseLite Pro’s glass security glazing system is made up of polycarbonate panels mounted over existing glass. In most cases, the system is able to flex and absorb the impact from an attack without breaking or tearing the glass. This makes it ideal for use in places such as commercial storefronts, parking garages, and security doors.

What is security glass made of?

Security glass can be created with a variety of materials, from polycarbonate security shields to laminated glass. The latter is the most popular, and also 250 times stronger than laminated glass and has more durability. Polycarbonate’s shatter-resistant properties make it a better security solution for high-risk buildings.

DefenseLite Pro’s glass security glazing systems are made of polycarbonate. Our shatter-proof security shields are built to withstand more aggressive attacks.

What is security glass called?

The different names of security glass include:

  • Security shields
  • Security glazing system
  • Safety glass
  • Laminated safety glass
  • Anti-breakage tempered safety glass
  • Impact protection safety glass

Which glass is best for security?

If you prefer shatter-proof windows that are also clear and provide superior protection, DefenseLite is the right choice for you. While lower-quality security glass systems may cost less, they typically aren’t as strong or resilient as DefenseLite Pro’s polycarbonate security shields. It also provides increased UV protection and noise reduction.

What is the difference between toughened and security glass?

Toughened glass goes through a more extreme heating process than security glass. This heating process expands the surface area of the glass.

Not only do polycarbonate security shields deflect energy away from the window, causing criminals to flee the scene, they also protect the original glass while providing additional benefits that toughened glass may not, like noise reduction, and higher UV protection. Polycarbonate security glass, including DefenseLite Pro’s security shield system, is better than toughened glass for these reasons.