Retrofit Polycarbonate Security Glazing System

About DefenseLite Security Glass for Windows & Doors

DefenseLite is a clear security glazing system that installs over existing window and door glass creating a layer of protection designed to ‘keep the bad guys out.’ A patented technology, the DefenseLite overglaze is 250 times stronger than glass, nearly invisible once installed and an affordable solution that works to mitigate criminal attacks.

Utilizing proprietary high-optic UV coated polycarbonate shields, vented aluminum extrusions, multi-layer thin films, tough structural adhesives, VHB tapes and security tipped anchors, DefenseLite is an engineered forced-entry solution that combines the best of materials science with an efficient retrofit installation.

Anatomy of the DefenseLite System

1) Patented vented extrusion mounts to the existing glazing frame creating standoff for the polycarbonate shield from primary glass

2) “Super bond” anchoring method secures the engineered system to the existing glazing providing for unmatched flex, tensile and tear strength upon attack

3) “Unbreachable” UV capped, clear polycarbonate shield is secured to the vented extrusion with security “flex” screws and elastomeric VHB tapes

4) Customized powder-coating creates full aesthetic integration with existing glazing upon retrofit installation

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How Our Patented Polycarbonate Security Glazing System Works

DefenseLite polycarbonate security panels are mounted to your existing glazing frames using a custom vented aluminum extrusion that creates stand-off from your primary window and door glass. Upon attack, the retrofit security glazing system flexes, absorbs and deflects energy away, keeping the bad guys outside! In most cases after installing our overglaze security panel, the primary window does not break, and the criminal flees the scene. DefenseLite’s patent pending vented extrusion system prevents condensation buildup by dynamically moving air throughout the glazing frames eliminating costly and unsightly moisture problems.

Polycarbonate Security Glazing System Benefits

With episodes of smash-and-grab crime, forced entry, and political vandalism on the rise, protect what’s important to you with DefenseLite security glazing.

  • Stop unwanted entry through glass
  • Protect your inventory from theft
  • Protect your store (and your brand) from glass-related damage and unwanted attention
  • Enhance security where grills and gates are not the answer
  • Improves glass insulation by 2.5 timesr
  • Reduces sound transfer by 50 percent
  • Safeguard against hurricane winds and airborn debris
  • Reduces fading from UV rays by 99%
  • Stops all handgun bullets when Bulletshield is added to system
  • Blast mitigation options available

DefenseLite Videos

  • DefenseLite Security Glazing Product Demonstration 

  • DefenseLite Polycarbonate vs. Security Window Film

  • polycarbonate security glass windows man smashing glass

    DefenseLite Panels vs. Assault from Hatchet & Police Baton

Customer Testimonials

DefenseLite FAQs

What is DefenseLite?

DefenseLite is the ‘flexible’ and ‘vented’ overglaze security solution. A patented technology, DefenseLite is a ‘clear security shield’ that installs over existing window and door glazing creating a layer of protection designed to ‘keep the bad guys out’. DefenseLite shields are 250 times stronger than glass, nearly invisible once installed and a long-term forced-entry solution that works. Utilizing proprietary high-optic UV coated polycarbonate shields, patented vented extrusions, multi-layer thin films and tough structural adhesives and flexible security tipped anchors, DefenseLite is an engineered system that combines the best of materials science with an easy to retrofit installed solution.

What makes DefenseLite a superior ‘overglaze’ security solution for windows and door glass?

Better quality components and superior mechanical and thermal engineering separates DefenseLite from less expensive competitor systems. DefenseLite is a patented ‘flexible’ and ‘vented’ overglaze system that provides for unmatched resilience under robust attack.  Our patent pending venting system protects customers from longer-term condensation and moisture related issues inherent in hermetically sealed, non-vented, field installed overglaze systems.  

Why a ‘vented’ overglaze system is critical for the long-term system integrity?

In field conditions, it is not advisable to hermetically seal the air space between over-glazing and the prime window. Why? It won’t work.The only time ‘sealed airspaces’ work is in factory sealed, dehydrated insulating glass units. These ‘sealed IG units’ are built in controlled, factory conditions. To address this properly, DefenseLite overglaze systems utilize our patent pending ‘engineered ventilation’ behind the field installed overglaze.

This passive design is ’tuned’ for the local climate conditions and usage. The DefenseLite ‘engineered venting’ system basically dries out the air behind the overglaze on an ongoing, dynamic basis leading to a low likelihood of longer-term condensation or moisture issues. Less expensive, non-vented overglaze systems will experience moisture and condensation issues once the desiccant entombed in the framing system becomes saturated leading to an expensive fix for the building owner down the road.

What is ‘Engineered Ventilation’ and why is this critical to system integrity?

Each DefenseLite system is engineered for the local climate and usage so that the airspace behind the overglaze is ventilated to the adjacent space that is predicted to be drier at the most critical times of the year. Then, a precisely calibrated array of passive vents, based upon the premise of Boyle’s Law, are deployed to make the magic happen, keeping your overglaze system condensation free for the long-term.

Will ‘desiccant only’ systems work to mitigate moisture and condensation over the long term?

No. Field installed overglaze systems create a new airspace that requires airflow to mitigate condensation buildup in the newly created void. Without proper airflow, moisture will build up and create problems for the customer in many climate zones over time. ‘Desiccant only’ moisture control systems will eventually fail to control the condensation once the desiccant is exhausted and overwhelmed leading to foggy, unattractive windows and doors that will be very expensive to fix down the road.

Why a ‘flexible’ system is important for maximum protection from forced entry?

Each component in a DefenseLite system is designed to ‘flex’ under significant force from robust attack. As the DefenseLite system ‘flexes’ while absorbing impact, energy is dissipated evenly throughout the overglaze providing for increased performance over competitor’s less expensive, rigid and fixed designs. DefenseLite overglazing is like a Zen Master. It doesn’t attempt to ward off intruders like a brick wall. Instead, it flexes and absorbs the impact, dissipating the forces harmlessly out to the edges of the panel. Without breaking, tearing or detachment.  Bad guys get frustrated with our flexible resistance and soon move on to a more vulnerable victim.

How does DefenseLite control the “pillowing” effect prevalent in other plastic glazing solutions?

‘Pillowing’, or ‘bowing’ prevalent in some plastic glazing creates unsightly distortion and ‘fun house’ mirror effects. Pillowing occurs when thermal (solar heat) buildup creates a condition where the plastic glazing expands, or ‘pillows out’ due to increased barometric air pressure and thermal expansion. The patent pending “Moore” venting system engineered into DefenseLite allows for dynamic airflow from the newly created airspace to an open space alleviating the increased air pressure caused by solar heat gain. The DefenseLite overglaze is flexible and super strong. Like all polycarbonate, the sheet tends to grow when it gets warmer.  When plastic over-glaze “pillows” within a fixed rigid frame, it is because it is trying to grow – but it can’t – so it bulges out instead. DefenseLite’s engineered ventilation keeps the panel ‘cooler’ so it grows less, eliminates the pressure and allows the panel to float at all edges. Result: No unsightly bulge!

How are DefenseLite polycarbonates unique from commercial polycarbonate sheets available to everyone else?

Impact Security has a special relationship and a unique specification for its polycarbonate sheets used to make the DefenseLite shields.  Manufactured in the US by the leading manufacturer of plastic substates in the world, Plaskolite, DefenseLite’s proprietary polycarbonate specification guarantees our customers enjoy the most optically clear, black spec- free, low-distortion, UV capped sheets available anywhere in the world.

Will the DefenseLite polycarbonate yellow from sun exposure?

DefenseLite polycarbonate sheets are “UV capped” and warranted against yellowing for a minimum of 7 years. Many DefenseLite systems incorporate a secondary layer of UV protection with the application of a thin film laminate primarily designed for sacrificial surface protection.

What are the largest openings that can be covered with DefenseLite without a seam?

DefenseLite offers the largest single sheet high optic UV coated polycarbonate in the world.  Made to our exacting and unique Plaskolite specification for optical clarity and durability, our single sheets can be as large as 156” x 96” and perfect for oversized windows found in urban retail centers and showrooms across the US.

How is DefenseLite Installed?

DefenseLite is installed over your existing window and door glazing by certified dealer/installers. Mounted and anchored onto the exterior or interior of your existing glazing, DefenseLite affixes to your window or door frames creating an airspace between the primary glass and the DefenseLite clear shield. A weather sealed and vented system that mitigates any ‘pillowing’ or condensation buildup, DefenseLite is custom made for every opening and designed to blend into the existing framing for a clean, finished look.  DefenseLite is nearly invisible upon a completed installation, has no moving parts or long-term serviceable items.

What are the benefits of DefenseLite other than security?

DefenseLite can reduce street noise by up to 40% and improve energy efficiency of existing glass by over 50%. DefenseLite will defeat most attacks while protecting the primary glass from breaking. DefenseLite incorporates a proprietary sacrificial film coating on its surface that defeats graffiti tagging while protecting the shield from damage.

Where can I buy DefenseLite?

DefenseLite is available for installation anywhere in the US and can be purchased by calling 1-888-689-5502. Our process includes helping you define your threat level and the appropriate DefenseLite solution that does the job while fitting your budget. We provide free onsite assessments and demonstrations of the performance of DefenseLite when needed. Go here to locate a certified dealer.

What is the warranty for DefenseLite?

DefenseLite warranties range from a minimum of 2 years up to 15 years depending on the system installed. Custom warranties and service agreements are available.

How much does DefenseLite cost?

Professionally installed DefenseLite and​ BulletShield costs depend on existing glazing conditions, performance requirements, system design and overall project scope.

How does DefenseLite compare to other solutions?

DefenseLite is a unique, robust forced entry solution. Clear and unobtrusive in appearance like security window films, DefenseLite performs better that roll down grills and gates if attacked by a criminal. DefenseLite does not break under attack like expensive laminated glass and can be easily replaced if ever damaged after severe attack.

Are there special programs for NSSF members?

Yes, DefenseLite has a program designed specifically for NSSF members. Like you, we aim to keep stolen firearms off the streets and have discounted our installed systems for NSSF members to protect as many retail stores as possible.

Are there special programs for RILA, NRF, LPRC, and CLEAR members?

Yes. Many businesses are under relentless assault from smash and grab criminals. DefenseLite has special pricing, warranty programs and service agreements for effected industry groups. Our aim is to promote the adoption of our proven solutions within the building security and  LP/AP communities  while stopping violent crime against property.

What is security glass?

Security glass is a generalized term that refers to a number of glazing products that are reinforced to delay or prevent intrusion, or ballistic attack. Generally, when someone says “security glass”, they most likely are referring to a strengthened glass like tempered, laminated glass or a glass alternative such as polycarbonate security panels. However, security glass is not the same as safety glass, which is glass that is made to break safely without dangerous shards as standard glass does.

While the main purpose security glass serves is preventing forced entry, theft, and vandalism, it is also designed to hold up in bomb blasts and severe weather incidents. In these cases, security glass won’t break into jagged pieces like regular glass would, keeping those nearby safe.

How do you break security glass?

The purpose of security glass is to delay or prevent forced entry, so it is very difficult to break. However, no security glass solution is completely infallible. Just like there really is no “bulletproof” glass, only bullet-resistant, there is no “shatterproof” glass either. However, laminated and tempered (or toughened) glass is more difficult to break and are designed with safety in mind–safety, not security.

All security glass solutions can be broken if numerous, repeated attempts are made, particularly with firearms. However, most criminals are opportunists looking for easy entry and once they are slowed by a security glass solution, they will typically leave the scene. Furthermore, it is possible to break bulletproof glass with a higher caliber bullet if the UL rating of the glazing is too low.

What is security glass made of?

There are a number of security glass solutions in the market, but to answer this question we will focus on two of the main glass security products: laminated glass and polycarbonate security shields.

Laminated Glass
This security glass solution is created by bonding together two layers of glass sheets with a plastic interlayer. This plastic film between the layers holds the glass together when it is struck with objects like sledgehammers, preventing criminals from gaining entry. Upon impact, the glass will break, but will not vacate the opening–unlike tempered glass that will fragment and leave the opening completely vulnerable to intruders.

Security Shields
Security shields like DefenseLite are made of polycarbonate which is an architectural plastic that is 250 times stronger than glass. These security shields are a retrofit solution that is applied over the existing glass to prevent intrusion. Polycarbonate is much stronger than laminated glass and can hold up to much more aggressive attacks, also making it shatter-resistant.

How much does security glass cost?

This is a difficult question to answer since there are quite a few security window glass solutions available with varying levels of defense and the overall price is really dependent on your square footage.

However, replacing your existing glass with a product like laminated glass is going to be one of the most expensive solutions versus a retrofit installation. Professionally installed DefenseLite retrofit security glazing systems install for $45 to $90 per square foot depending on system design and overall project scope.

If you’re looking for a quicker and more budget-friendly solution than full glass replacements or security shield installations, security window films might be a good choice for you.

How does security glass work?

DefenseLite, which is made up of polycarbonate panels installed over existing glass, is designed to ‘flex’ under force. As the system ‘flexes’ while absorbing impact, energy is dissipated evenly throughout the overglaze providing for increased performance over competitors’ less expensive, rigid, and fixed designs.

DefenseLite flexes and absorbs the impact, dissipating the forces harmlessly out to the edges of the panel without breaking, tearing, or detaching. In most cases, the primary standard window doesn’t break and the criminal flees the scene.

What is the strongest glass for windows?

The strongest glass for windows, it turns out, isn’t glass at all! It’s polycarbonate. While polycarbonate security shields are often referred to as “security glass” or “safety glass”, they’re actually made up of a very thick plastic which, unlike glass, flexes under impact to deflect energy away.

What is the most unbreakable glass?

The most unbreakable “glass” is DefenseLite polycarbonate shields. While these panels aren’t glass, they do carry many of the same properties with a number of added benefits. They are clear, so they don’t alter your view out of your windows, but they are 250 times stronger than glass. They also provide additional UV protection, noise reduction, and temperature stability.

Better quality components and superior mechanical and thermal engineering separates DefenseLite from less expensive competitor systems. DefenseLite is a patented ‘flexible’ and ‘vented’ overglaze system that provides for unmatched resilience under robust attack.