Does Laminated Glass Provide Enough Windows Security?

tempered vs laminated glass

What are the main differences between Laminated Glass and DefenseLite?

1. Laminated glass will shatter upon severe impact, while DefenseLite will not break or shatter. Check out our YouTube channel for great demonstration videos.

2. Laminated glass will need to be replaced after an attack….not DefenseLite.

3. Laminated and tempered glass are heavy and not suitable for many glazing frames….Defenselite is invisible, light and mounts to glazing frames using a custom aluminum extrusion that creates a stand-off from windows and door glass.

4. Laminated glass lead times can vary from five days to two weeks or more, sometimes due to tempering….not DefenseLite. No project delays.

5. DefenseLite can be installed faster than security windows, ugly roll down grills and gates.

6. DefenseLite addresses smash and grab, which is the most common attack method to gain entry inside buildings and stores. DefenseLite provides the best security for glass windows and doors.

7. DefenseLite incorporates proprietary high-optic UV coated polycarbonate shields, multi-layer thin films, anchors and structural adhesives making it perfect for retrofit installations.

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