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DefenseLite Pro is a clear, retrofit polycarbonate or security glass system engineered to prevent forced entry at commercial buildings. DefenseLite Pro’s flexible and vented design is a patented security overglaze that anchors onto existing window, door, and curtainwall glazing frames. Customized for each project, DefenseLite Pro creates an invisible layer of unbreachable glass security, protecting commercial windows and doors from unwanted access. Manufactured in the US, DefenseLite Pro is installed exclusively by certified dealers.

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Dubbed "Body Armor for Windows," BulletShield is the ballistic resistant derivative of DefenseLite. BulletShield’s retrofit design anchors onto existing glazing frames, offering impressive ballistic performance at a fraction of the cost of traditional fully rated “bullet proof” glass systems. BulletShield is independently tested and rated to UL752 standards (UL 1-7) and can be efficiently installed by certified DefenseLite dealers. Schools, corporate offices, and other environments subject to ballistic threats benefit from our unique retrofit ballistic glazing system.

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Defenselite Energy


DefenseLite Energy is a clear shield that installs over existing window and door glazing to provide multilayer protection against solar heat gain, air infiltration, and heat transfer. By creating a new insulating air space, the DefenseLite Energy panel retrofit improves U-value and tenant comfort. Custom engineered with high optic UV coated energy shields with IR resistance and multilayer low-e film coatings, DefenseLite Energy upfits can improve existing single pane glass to perform as new, high performance triple pane window systems. Interior mounted and finished to match existing glazing frames, DefenseLite Energy retrofit panels reduce energy costs up to 30% and reduce street noise up to 40% while blending seamlessly into existing fenestration.

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RiotLite™, is an innovative laminate solution from DefenseLite that applies directly onto existing glass surfaces. Featuring a durable, thick film ‘stack’ for application to interior glass, RiotLite provides reliable shatter-resistance for property owners in the face of severe security threats — including riots and smash & grab crime. Building and storefront glass windows and doors are easy targets for forced entry, property damage and inventory theft. Amidst rising threats of riots and violence, RiotLite offers unprecedented protection.

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“Smash & Grab” occurrences are increasing daily while soft policy makes vandals more and more brazen. Your team members are scared. Enter DefenseLite™ CaseShield — a fully customizable and engineered retrofit solution for smash and grab crime. Impact Security™ has engineered a simple solution to a complex problem — applicable across diverse storefronts and industries and perfect for retail display cases. As threats of smash-and-grab crimes increase at an accelerated rate, maximize protection of your retail location with these benefits of CaseShield™ technology. 

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DefenseLite is not a window film, but a clear security glazing system that is retrofit to existing glazing openings. Like security window film, DefenseLite is installed in addition to your standard or tempered glass window. However, unlike security film designed to ‘delay’, DefenseLite performance goes far beyond traditional laminated glass solutions. With enough force and effort, security window film can still be breached in under 60 seconds, whereas DefenseLite creates near unbreachable glass openings that withstand the most aggressive riotous acts. Unlike laminated glass, DefenseLite does not fracture under attack and will remain attached to the primary window glazing protecting from forced entry.

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