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Secondary Glazing Commercial Security Windows

No matter how big or small your company, the safety and security measures taken to keep employees and clients safe should be the same. DefenseLite is one of the most efficient as well as affordable commercial security solutions to achieve the necessary safety standards. The secondary glazing creates commercial security windows that keep occupants safe from all intruding threats.

Benefits of DefenseLite

"Security Glass" System for Exterior Commercial Doors

DefenseLite provides building security solutions for commercial and office use that protect against vandalism, forced entry attempts and extreme weather. The custom-fabricated polycarbonate “security glass” prevents much of the damage caused by smash and grab attacks and active shooter threats. These commercial grade exterior doors and windows over-glaze systems provide an invisible layer of protection installed onto existing glazing to keep your employees, clients and property safe.

How DefenseLite Works

DefenseLite vs. Security Film for Commercial Glass

When it comes to keeping your building safe, DefenseLite’s office building security solutions are the clear choice over field applied security films. While both security films and DefenseLite can be applied to existing glazing conditions, the polycarbonate in the DefenseLite system is inherently harder to break through than annealed or tempered glass. Even with thick security films added, treated glass is much easier to breach than DefenseLite.

DefenseLite vs. Security Film

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