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Polycarbonate Sound Barrier for Window Noise Reduction

DefenseLite System Provides Window Noise Reduction

Street noise and other forms of sound pollution are highly distracting for employees and students. Fortunately, DefenseLite’s additional layer of protection from criminals and vandals also provides window noise reduction. This highly-effective polycarbonate noise barrier is installed over the existing window or door glass creating air space and an added panel of protection from street noise.

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Polycarbonate Sound Barriers vs. Noise Cancelling Windows

Noise cancelling windows or sound reducing window inserts can be installed in your office building, school, or retail storefront but they won’t have the added benefits of security and insulation as DefenseLite does. The multi-layer films of DefenseLite form a polycarbonate sound barrier that keeps both noise pollution and criminals out while still preserving views.

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Polycarbonate Traffic Noise Reduction Windows

In cities, traffic noise accounts for a significant portion of noise pollution. You can keep your employees or students safe and minimize distractions from street noise with DefenseLite’s polycarbonate sound barrier capabilities, the best alternative to conventional noise reduction windows. DefenseLite is retrofitted onto existing windows and doors providing a nearly invisible layer of protection that also reduces traffic noise by up to 40%.

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