Blast Protection

Blast Resistant Glass Windows & Blast Proof Doors

Protect People From Bomb Blasts and Glass Fragmentation

The pressure wave that radiates from a bomb blast causes conventional glass to splinter, shatter and injure those nearby. Interior mounted, DefenseLite’s retrofit blast mitigation polycarbonate ‘glass capture’ system protects occupants from glass hazards due to bomb blasts. This keeps the primary glass from fragmenting into the building, preventing dangerous injuries from flying glass.

Blast Resistant Standards

Custom Fabricated Blast Resistant Glazing Solutions

DefenseLite’s custom-fabricated glazing solutions provide blast protection when an explosion occurs nearby, preventing the primary cause of blast-related injuries, glass fragmentation. Our proprietary polycarbonate shields for doors and windows outperform expensive blast resistant glass, standing up to the blast wave and resulting in flying objects without shattering. This keeps building occupants safer and cuts down on interior building repair costs.

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Blast Protection for Government Buildings & Storefronts

Whether for blast resistant doors or windows, DefenseLite is a versatile choice for government buildings and storefronts that may be subjected to bomb blasts. After glass shatters from a bomb or resulting pressure wave, merchandise and sensitive materials will be accessible to anyone. Offering an impact resistance 250 times that of glass, DefenseLite’s retrofit bomb blast protection stays intact keeping your building or storefront safe from those wishing to do further harm.

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