Storm Protection

Storm Secondary Glazing with Polycarbonate Storm Panels

Secondary Glazing Storm Window Protection

DefenseLite acts as storm secondary glazing to prevent dangerous glass shards that occur when a glass window is broken by extreme weather conditions. Whether it’s flying debris or large hail, these polycarbonate storm windows and doors have a powerful impact resistance that stands up against whatever is thrown at them to keep your employees and interior safe.

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Polycarbonate Storm Panels for Commercial Buildings

DefenseLite’s extruded clear polycarbonate storm panels create a buffer zone over existing windows and doors. Using all-weather adhesives, this system is weather-sealed to reduce water penetration and damage to your merchandise and furniture. Unlike cumbersome shutters, it’s a long-term solution that doesn’t need to be installed or removed every time a dangerous storm comes your way.

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DefenseLite Clear Polycarbonate Storm Panels vs. Storm Windows

Because DefenseLite’s retrofit system mounts onto existing windows and doors, it operates like a polycarbonate storm panel replacing the need for storm windows. Our customized edge banding and powder coating make the system virtually invisible upon installation. Sacrificial abrasive resistant films and tough structural adhesives stand up to a variety of impact forces and provide for long-term weatherization better than most storm windows do.

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