Access Shield™

Integrate with existing doors of all types and materials detering and preventing unlawful access


Retailers worldwide are grappling with escalating threats and the dire repercussions they entail. The alarming surge in “Smash & Grab” incidents is compounded by lenient policies, emboldening vandals with each passing day. AccessShield™ provides a comprehensive solution.

Crafted with precision engineering and superior materials, AccessShield™ doors serve as an impenetrable barrier against forced entry and armed attacks. By deterring potential criminals and delaying their access, these doors buy precious time for law enforcement to respond, minimizing the risk of loss and ensuring the safety of both employees and customers.

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HOW Access Shield™ WORKS

UL 752 rated doors play a crucial role in crime prevention by providing a formidable barrier against armed attacks. UL 752 rated doors are constructed using materials specifically designed to withstand ballistic impact. These doors serve as a physical barrier, preventing unauthorized entry and thwarting potential assailants armed with firearms.

AccessShield™ doors provide crucial protection to occupants inside a building during an active shooter or armed robbery situation. By slowing down or preventing the assailant’s entry, these doors give occupants valuable time to seek shelter, hide, or evacuate to safety.

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Access Shield™ BENEFITS

As threats of smash-and-grab crimes increase at an accelerated rate, maximize protection of your retail location with these benefits of AccessShield™ technology. 

  • Deterrent Effect 
  • Protection of occupants 
  • Meets or exceeds UL 752 standards 
  • Prevent retail smash and grab
  • Integrates with existing doors of all types 
  • 250x stronger than glass 
  • Engineered to retro-fit current door systems 
  • Customizable for retail and commercial properties

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