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DefenseLite is a clear, polycarbonate overglaze that installs onto existing window, door, storefront and curtainwall glazing. A patented technology featuring polycarbonate security panels, extruded aluminum framing and a vented moisture control component, a DefenseLite retrofit stops criminals outside your building. Engineered for easy architect approvals while meeting the loss prevention professional's physical security needs, DefenseLite is an elegantly designed, affordable glass protection system that works to protect your people and assets.

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Dubbed "Body Armor for Windows," BulletShield is a retrofit polycarbonate security glazing solution that offers impressive ballistic resistance at a fraction of the cost of traditional “bullet proof” glass. A derivative of DefenseLite, BulletShield mounts onto existing window and door frames protecting the most targeted area of the glazing system - the glass. BulletShield’s polycarbonate panels are independently tested and rated to UL752 standards and can be installed efficiently and affordably on most building glass.

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RiotLite™ consists of optically clear, 4-33 mil thick films “stacked” in a proprietary fashion for application to interior glass surfaces. This thick, clear laminate provides a sturdy layer of fragment resistance, absorbing the impact from blunt force. Keep bad guys at bay rather than allowing for easy entry to your business with the a[application of this security laminate. Easy to clean with long-lasting durability, RiotLite is the clear choice for riot protective glass for storefront and building doors and windows. RiotLite™ is scratch and shatter resistant, protecting from broken glass hazards caused by glass breakage and providing an economical protective measure against physical threats from violent criminals and mobs and installed nationwide by certified dealers.

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CaseShield™ is built specifically for use with smash & grab protection and ideal for protecting existing glass display cases. With CaseShield™, customers and staff alike can rest easy knowing they’re secure. CaseShield™ consists of a polycarbonate retrofit glazing system that can be customized to just about any glass display, counter or case, with a surface that is 250x stronger than glass. A simple solution to a complex problem, the application of CaseShield™ creates a clear “shield” on top of your retail case to protect it from smash-and-grab crimes. The best security plans are rooted in security principles that allow you to gain time during an emergency situation.

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DefenseLite Energy

DefenseLite Energy (DLE) is a clear, retrofit energy shield and advanced low-E energy saving glazing system that installs over existing window glass and frames to provide multi-layer protection against solar heat gain, air infiltration, UV rays, and heat transfer by creating a new insulating air space. The DefenseLite Energy system is a custom engineered building envelope solution that combines the best in material science with a light weight retrofit solution for windows, providing advanced solar protection, insulation, and sound control year-round.

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