Top 5 Reasons DefenseLite is the Superior Choice for Retailers

Below are the top reasons DefenseLite is the best choice for retailers nationwide seeking enhanced security for windows and doors.

1. Superior design and engineering:

Built by respected glazing industry experts and engineers, DefenseLite (DL) is a unique, robust forced entry solution specifically engineered to protect people and property. Clear and unobtrusive in appearance, DefenseLite performs far better than competitor’s rigid, non-ventilated systems, security window films and roll-down grills and gates.

The DefenseLite “over-glaze” does not break under attack like expensive laminated glass or require routine maintenance. DefenseLite can be easily replaced if damaged from severe attack. DefenseLite’s patented “flexible” frame design is engineered to work like a shock absorber for windows and doors under attack. DL doesn’t attempt to act as a solid brick wall like less expensive competitor’s ‘rigid’ systems. Instead, DL’s anchored frame and panel design “flexes” and absorbs impact, dissipating the forces harmlessly out to the edges of the panel, without breaking or detaching. Bad guys get tired beating on DefenseLite and soon move on to victims with weaker storefronts.

  • 250 times stronger than glass alone
  • Flexible, patented ‘rocker’ frame design
  • Nearly invisible upon professional & certified installation
  • Long-term forced entry system with moisture control guaranteed
  • Custom venting engineered for each climate zone (patent pending)
  • Dynamic retrofit for interior, exterior or curtainwall applications

2. Material and components:

DefenseLite uses superior, American made components in its system fabrication and installation.

  • Proprietary high-optic UV polycarbonate shields (.375” thickness; standard)
  • Sturdy & strong 6061 T-6 aluminum frame components (heavy walled; standard)
  • Security tipped Stainless Steel fastening anchors
  • Ultra-high bond VHB tape and structural adhesives
  • Turnkey solution (we measure, engineer, manufacture and manage installation)

3. Installation:

DefenseLite is installed over your existing windows and doors by nationwide manufacture certified dealer/installers. Certified dealers are required to participate in “at factory” training and tested to meet all installation standards. Unlike competitive systems, third parties, glass companies and general contractors without certification are NOT ALLOWED to install DefenseLite.

Mounted and anchored onto the exterior or interior of your existing glazing, the DefenseLite shield creates a cushioning airspace between the primary glass and the DefenseLite.

DefenseLite is custom made for every opening with custom coloring and powder coating optional. It is designed to blend into the existing framing for a clean, finished look. Upon completion, DefenseLite is nearly invisible. DefenseLite has no moving parts or long-term maintenance items.

4. Engineered ventilation:

It is not advisable to fully seal any over-glazing to the prime window or door. Why? It won’t work in the long run. Moist air will eventually get behind the over glaze and fog up. DefenseLite utilizes patent pending ‘engineered ventilation’ to keep the glazing clear. This passive design is ’tuned’ for the local climate conditions and usage. The DefenseLite ‘engineered venting’ system basically dries out the air behind the overglaze on an ongoing, dynamic basis leading to a very low likelihood of longer-term condensation or moisture issues.

Competitor’s less expensive, non-vented overglaze systems will experience moisture and condensation issues once the desiccant entombed in the framing system becomes saturated leading to an expensive fix for the building owner down the road.

The DL passive, sustainable design is not a one-size-fits-all solution. Instead, we match the venting to the local climate and property for best long-term performance.

Our moisture sealed and vented system mitigates panel ‘pillowing’ and condensation buildup which will occur in time with less expensive, rigid, non-ventilated competitor systems.

Some competitors only use desiccant to dry out the air behind the over-glaze. Bad idea. Over time, desiccants become full of moisture and fail, turning into mush.

Re-charging the desiccant is expensive and will be needed more than once – a long term maintenance headache. DefenseLite’s patent pending engineered ventilation based on Boyles Law solves this problem.

5. Warranty and maintenance:

DefenseLite warranties range from a minimum of 2 years up to 15 years depending on the system installed. Custom warranties, “smash and grab” performance guarantees and extended service agreements are available.

DefenseLite Security Glazing Product Demonstration

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