The Ultimate Guide to Burglar Proof Windows

Protect your Property From Rising Threats of Property Crime Using Burglar Proof Windows and Doors

Protect your Property from Rising Threats of Property Crime Using Burglar Proof Windows and Doors

For the first time in a decade, property crime is increasing in frequency; in 2022, the property crime rate rose 7.1% after years of decline. With rising concerns for property theft, property-owners need to make sure their windows and doors can withstand threats from thieves.

Installing burglar proof windows and doors is the first step towards protection. Dive into this blog to learn about what entails a burglar proof window, different types of protection, and essential materials to consider prior to purchasing and installation.

What is a Burglar Proof Window?

Much like the term “bulletproof,” the term “burglar proof” is a bit of a misnomer. All “burglar proof” products may be eventually susceptible to advances from burglars depending on how they’re attempting to break in. Instead, burglar proof windows are windows reinforced with technology to make them harder to infiltrate in order to rob a home or business. Accordingly, “burglar proof” windows may be better described as “burglar resistant windows.”

Burglar proof windows and doors come in many forms and functions. This umbrella term can refer to physical security measures, alongside more holistic security systems integrated with glass windows and doors. For this blog, we’ll focus on physical security measures.

Types of Burglar Proof Doors and Windows

Key solutions used to burglar proof doors and windows include security locks, security bars, and clear glass security solutions. Here’s a comprehensive deep dive on each.

door and window security locks

Door & Window Security Locks

The first line of defense for most property-owners, door and window security locks are an essential part of burglar proof windows and doors; even the highest-grade of reinforced glass is useless if a thief can simply open up an entryway. Property-owners need to consider a wide variety of locks based on the specific needs of their property — especially for windows.

Types of Window Locks

Window locks come in many shapes and sizes, depending on the type of window and level of necessary security. Home windows, hung windows, sliding windows, casement windows, awning windows — all require different styles of locks, and facilitate different security needs based on typical uses.

In general, some essential types of window locks include:

  • Latches
  • Folding Locks
  • Window Pin Locks
  • Window Wedges
  • Keyed locks

Again, the ideal type of lock depends on the location and style of the window; a homeowner may prefer a keyed lock, while a commercial business may spring for folding locks.

door and window security bars

Door & Window Security Bars

A simple and cost-efficient solution to burglar proof windows and doors is the installation of security bars. Typically made of metal, window safety bars are attached to window frames through screws or bolts, installed directly onto structural framing. These bars stop intruders from accessing glass windows or doors altogether — eliminating risks of smashed glass for forced entry into homes or businesses.

While effective, security bars can be an unsightly addition to many commercial or residential properties. Security bars typically add an industrial or utilitarian aesthetic to windows and doors, unideal for cozy homes or businesses hoping to look welcoming. Additionally, while effective at stopping intruders, security bars remind potential customers or visitors of the risk of them — often increasing concerns rather than alleviating them.

Clear Glass Security Solutions

Clear Glass Security Solutions

Unlike security bars, transparent glass security solutions can provide nearly unnoticeable protection for windows and doors. Installing unobtrusively over existing glass doors and windows, glass security protection can take many forms — all of which provide reliable burglar protection.

DefenseLite, for example, is a clear security glazing system that seamlessly installs over existing glass without sacrificing aesthetic quality. This security panel is mounted using a custom vented aluminum extrusion, DefenseLite flexes, absorbs and deflects energy away. Ideal for commercial use, DefenseLite is a great protection measure to stifle potential break-ins from burglars at retail stores, banks, and more.

For commercial properties worried about attacks from armed burglars, BulletShield is another glass shield designed specifically for bullet resistance. Custom-fabricated based on perceived threat levels, DefenseLite may use exotic plastics, polycarbonates, or glass-clad shields depending on performance requirements. In turn, BulletShield is adaptable for all types of businesses.

Meanwhile, with an increasing number of Americans believing political violence is at least partially justified, property-owners need to also prepare for burglaries related to civil unrest. Made of optically clear, 4-36 mil film for application to interior glass, RiotLite™ offers unprecedented protection from burglars during riots — perfect for both commercial and residential properties.

How to Burglar Proof Windows Without Bars

To burglar proof windows without using bars, property-owners simply need to leverage one of several solutions for retrofitting glass with security glazing or shields. With help from an experienced installation team specialized in window security solutions, property-owners can burglar-proof their windows without the need for unwieldy metal bars.

Burglar Proof Window Designs & Materials

Burglar Proof Window Designs & Materials

Burglar proof windows come in a variety of designs and materials. When choosing a design, property-owners should prioritize a material that will provide reliable ballistic protection from burglars using typical brute force techniques for forced entry and smash and grab crime, including rocks, crowbars, and baseball bats.

One of the top options for burglar proof window materials is polycarbonate. A synthetic material consisting of thermoplastic polymers strengthened with carbonate structures found in their chemical makeup, polycarbonate is up to 250 times stronger than untreated glass. Also considered the best material for bulletproof glass, industry-leading burglar proof window solutions including DefenseLite and BulletShield use polycarbonate.

Another great material used for burglar proof windows is PET security film. Optically clear and stackable in layers, PET security films are a durable and clear choice for burglar protection — used in the reliable RiotLite™ safety & security laminate.

Burglar Proof Windows and Doors with DefenseLite

Burglar proof windows & doors provide an essential line of defense from potential burglars. While metal bars can provide valuable protection, they fail to match the aesthetic value of most businesses; in turn, property-owners should look to purchase retrofit, transparent glass window security, installed by an experienced team.

Impact Security, LLC is a leading provider and installer of burglar security solutions for glass windows and doors, including DefenseLite, BulletShield, and RiotLite™. Contact us today and learn how we can help burglar proof your glass based on your specific, unique security needs.