What are the Best Alternatives to Boarding-up Windows for Security?

plywood sheet boarding window alternatives

In the case of vacant properties, which are easy targets for criminals and squatters, boarding up windows can actually be an indicator to criminals and the homeless that the property is uninhabited. Additionally, they can offend neighbors since boarded-up windows are a sign of a neighborhood in decline, especially when there are holes in the plywood.

For commercial and residential properties in need of increased security defenses from vandalism and looting in times of civil unrest, boarding up the windows has a number of drawbacks. Since boards aren’t a permanent solution for buildings in use, your property is left vulnerable to unexpected attacks. In situations where you have some time to prepare, the installation is often done hastily and ineffectively.

Best Alternatives to Boarding Up Windows for Security

While plywood boards for windows are effective in some cases for protecting your home or business, they are always unsightly and time-consuming to install over window and door openings. Whether you have a vacant property or are looking to increase security for your commercial or residential building, fortunately, there are a number of alternatives to boarding up windows for security.

Security Fencing

angled wire security fence

One way to keep criminals away from your property is to install security fencing around the building. While this may not be a great option for retail properties in use, it can be beneficial for vacant buildings and lots. This technique may be more expensive, but a high fence and barbed wire are a great way to keep intruders off of your property and provide a great addition to or as an alternative to boarding up windows.

Window Bars

burglar bars over windows

Bars are a permanent alternative to boarding up windows for security but don’t provide much improvement for appearance. Since they are so unsightly, they aren’t a good choice for residential or retail storefronts that want to maintain a certain level of curb appeal.

Bars also have gaps that allow access to window openings and provide an opportunity for vandalism. Objects can still be thrown through them to break the glass, which can result in expensive repairs.

Surveillance Cameras

security camera for retail stores

Security cameras may not keep a criminal from committing a crime, but many vandals and thieves are deterred just by the sight of them on a property. Installing surveillance cameras around your building can be an effective method at preventing crime, but should be used in conjunction with other security methods since they don’t provide enough protection on their own.

Roll-Up Grills

metal roll down security fence

Roll-up grills are a more permanent solution than plywood sheets but do have some drawbacks of their own. Like bars, grills will keep criminals from breaking in and stealing merchandise, but they don’t always protect the glass from breaking which can be a costly replacement.

Additionally, much like pieces of plywood, roll-up grills have to be implemented and in the case of unexpected civil unrest or other criminal activity, your building may not be protected. Fortunately, there are more permanent solutions available.

Security Window Films

high impact security window film

Security window films are made up of layers of ultra-thin plastics that help hold the glass intact when intruders attempt to damage it. They can be installed over the existing window and door glass, providing an affordable and much more attractive alternative to boarding up windows with plywood sheets. Plus security window films are highly impact-resistant.

While these films do slow criminals down, which is often enough to stop the attack altogether, they don’t prevent damage to the glass. This means that even though the criminal is unable to gain entry, the broken window glass will still need to be replaced.

Polycarbonate Security Panels

best retail security for windows and doors

If you’re looking for the most secure, permanent, and attractive alternative to boarding up windows for security, polycarbonate security panels like DefenseLite are the way to go. This type of installation is made up of clear, virtually unbreakable shields that bond over existing glazing to protect primary window and door glass, making it nearly impossible to break in.

Polycarbonate is 250 times stronger than glass and DefenseLite’s security glazing is engineered to flex under attack so criminals are unable to damage it. Once installed, it’s virtually invisible and unlike security films, DefenseLite deters criminals and keeps the glass fully intact, saving you money on costly glass replacements.

Unlike other polycarbonate security panels that are fully sealed, DefenseLite features superior engineered ventilation. Fully sealed panels will eventually allow moisture and air between the original window and panel, compromising the integrity of the system and creating pillowing, moisture, and condensation between the original window and overglazing. Our ventilated overglazing virtually eliminates the long-term effects of long-term moisture and condensation issues.

Unlike other security systems that can be installed by glass companies, general contractors without certification or third parties, DefenseLite systems are always installed by fully-trained and certified professionals. Once installed, DefenseLite is permanently in place and doesn’t need to be reinstalled or rolled down like grills or plywood sheets. With DefenseLite, your building is constantly protected from criminals, with options for maximum levels of protection, including bullet resistance and bomb blasts.

DefenseLite Security Shields

If you’re looking for an alternative to boarding up windows to increase security on your property, contact DefenseLite by completing the contact form below. We’ll work with you to understand your needs and find the best solution for you.

DefenseLite combines the properties of numerous security techniques to give you the best all-around defense. Plus, our advanced security overglazing is covered under warranty, with options ranging from a minimum of 2 years up to 15 years depending on the system installed.

With DefenseLite, you get trusted quality, guaranteed security, and proprietary engineered ventilation technology. When you need the best protection and ultimate security solutions without the eyesore of other security options, choose DefenseLite.

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