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Plexiglass Sneeze Guards for Countertops & Desktops

Student Sneeze Guards for Desks

Keep students safe from the spread of disease using DefenseLite’s sneeze guards for desks. These sneeze guards are customizable for students and each desk size to protect both children and teachers. The architectural grade desktop sneeze guards are engineered for school environments with mechanical or adhesive mounting systems and permanent or semi-permanent applications to provide flexibility.

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Countertop Sneeze Guards for Retail & Grocery Stores

Ideal for use in retail store settings, DefenseLite’s retail sneeze guards protect both employees and customers from the spread of dangerous germs and disease. Manufactured from polycarbonate with your store's needs in mind, these retail counter sneeze guards offer durability that other shields don’t. With both mechanical and adhesive options available, DefenseLite’s sneeze guards are functional and clean.

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Polycarbonate, Plexiglass or Acrylic Sneeze Guards?

DefenseLite’s polycarbonate has an impact resistance 250 times that of glass, while plexiglass or acrylic sneeze guard products only has an impact resistance 10 times that of glass. This means that polycarbonate sneeze guards are much more durable than plexiglass sneeze guards. Additionally, acrylic sneeze guards are prone to chipping and over time will show more wear than polycarbonate which is not ideal for business settings.

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