DefenseLite PSS Shields

Acrylic Safety Shields & Polycarbonate Divider Panels

COVID-19 Acrylic Safety Shields

DefenseLite PSS acrylic safety shields are architectural-grade fixtures engineered for interior environments requiring protection from the spread of germs and disease.

Features of DefenseLite PSS safety shields:

  • ¼” Abrasion resistant polycarbonate
  • Finished metal framing
  • Mechanical & adhesive mounting systems

Polycarbonate Divider Panel Benefits:

  • Durable, scratch resistant & safe-cleaning
  • Professional fixture ‘look and feel’
  • Permanent or semi-permanent applications

Privacy Options for Polycarbonate Vertical Shields

DefenseLite PSS COVID-19 acrylic shields are capable of add-on privacy options that are both smart and uniquely functional, by incorporating cloaking or switchable technology options.

Our smart acrylic shields can provide added privacy by blocking, or “cloaking”, computer screens, or can be wired to provide privacy ‘on demand’ by transitioning from clear to opaque with switchable technology.

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Acrylic Shields with Clear Surface for Projecting

DefenseLite PSS acrylic shields with clear surface screens provide a projectable surface for presentations. Unobstructed protection makes these shields ideal for classroom or office use.

Our acrylic shields provide a necessary barrier without obscuring viewing access to important materials, like school lessons or major corporate presentations.

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