COVID-19 Desk Dividers

Polycarbonate & Plexiglass Dividers for Desks

Student Desk Dividers for Classrooms

In order to move away from virtual learning, safety precautions like classroom COVID dividers need to be implemented to protect students and teachers from the spread of COVID. Fortunately, DefenseLite’s COVID dividers for schools are tailored to each classroom’s needs with customizable elements like permanent or semi-permanent installation and cloaking films which block computer screens from visibility.

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COVID Desk Divider Panels for Offices

With offices requiring separation and social distancing, COVID desk dividers and panels can help get your business back to productivity, safely. DefenseLite’s COVID dividers are polycarbonate protective shields engineered for interior environments that easily attach to tabletops and desks. Highly customizable, these dividers are easy to clean and durable while still maintaining a professional look and feel.

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Plexiglass Desk Dividers vs. Polycarbonate Divider Panels

DefenseLite polycarbonate divider panels have a number of benefits over plexiglass dividers for desks. DefenseLite is far more impact-resistant than plexiglass, also known as acrylic, and has a low level of flammability, essential in certain industries. Covid-19 acrylic shields are also more likely to chip which should be taken into consideration in high traffic areas like schools and offices.

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