Privacy Glass & Polycarbonate Privacy Panels

Privacy Coating for Glass Windows

Unlike standard privacy glass coating for windows and doors, DefenseLite offers an array of benefits beyond providing privacy for your school or office. DefenseLite’s polycarbonate can be customized to fit your needs for privacy glass while also improving energy efficiency by over 50%, reducing street noise by 40%, and it’s 250 times stronger than glass, keeping your employees and merchandise safe and secure.

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Polycarbonate Desk Divider Panels for Privacy & Safety

DefenseLite polycarbonate desk privacy panels or personal protective shields (PPS) are architectural grade fixtures engineered for interior environments requiring privacy and protection from the spread of germs and disease. DefenseLite PPS offers scratch-resistant durability and can function as privacy glass or COVID barriers. They are uniquely functional by incorporating cloaking, projection, and switchable technology options.

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Switchable Frosted Privacy Panels

DefenseLite switchable polycarbonate privacy panels provide on-demand privacy by transitioning from clear to opaque with the flick of a switch, so you can have privacy when you want it and clear visuals when you don’t. When fully installed, DefenseLite’s privacy coating for glass windows look professional and can be customized with permanent or semi-permanent installation.

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