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A Better Alternative to Window Safety Film in Charlotte

Crime is rising in Charlotte, North Carolina. In an increasingly dangerous world, properties need to prepare for security threats such as riots, smash & grab crime, and forced entry — if vulnerable, criminals will find a way to break in. DefenseLite — a retrofit polycarbonate security glazing system — can help protect your business. Unlike traditional window safety film, DefenseLite overlays over existing glass for seamless installation, nearly invisible presentation, and reliable protection.

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Defenselite Security Glass

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DefenseLite provides reliable impact resistance to properties in Charlotte, North Carolina thanks to its polycarbonate construction. Polycarbonate is made up of thermoplastic polymers that contain carbonate structures within their chemical makeup — allowing DefenseLite to repel the impact of potential threats and resist shatters. By absorbing strikes, DefenseLite keeps interiors safe, drives off aggressors, and grants peace of mind to property owners.

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Defenselite Security Glass

Protect Property from Bullets, Riots & More

DefenseLite absorbs the impact of more than just security threats, additionally providing a layer of protection from storm debris caused by wind gusts. Concerned about active shooters? DefenseLite offers BulletShield, a retrofit UL 752 bullet-resistant glass overlay built specifically for ballistic resistance. DefenseLite has also developed RiotLite™ — a specialized riot resistance laminate composed of 4-33 mil thick film for application to interior glass.

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