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The Best Storm Window Glazing in Chicagoland

When a dangerous storm hits Chicago, you want your business to be prepared for potential debris. DefenseLite polycarbonate storm panels provide protection for residential and commercial properties in Chicago, creating a buffer zone for your glass. Unlike other storm windows, DefenseLite applies over existing glass — seamlessly integrated, and far less cumbersome and unreliable compared to storm shutters.

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Defenselite Security Glass

Custom Storm Window Glazing for Diverse Chicago Properties

DefenseLite storm secondary glazing is customizable to your property’s unique needs — from storefronts and offices to apartment buildings. Applied with all-weather adhesives, DefenseLite window storm protection is weather-sealed, reducing water penetration and damage to your interior. Nearly invisible upon installation, our custom edge banding and powder coating is far more aesthetically pleasing than Chicago storm shutters.

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Defenselite Security Glass

Security Benefits Beyond Storm Window Protection

DefenseLite protective storm window glazing can protect your business from  more damage than storms. 250 times stronger than traditional glass, DefenseLite also serves as anti-smash & grab protection — alongside proven properties of increased energy efficiency and noise reduction. Our specialized BulletShield and RiotLite products can offer more specialized protection for your property — keeping your Chicago, Illinois windows safe.

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