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Columbus, Ohio Security Window Film Alternative

In an increasingly violent world, businesses need to prepare for the worst — you need window security for your Columbus, Ohio property. DefenseLite, a retrofit polycarbonate security glazing system, can keep you safe. Polycarbonate is a synthetic material, made up of thermoplastic polymers containing carbonate structures in their chemical makeup, allowing for durable impact resistance. Retroactively installed over existing glass, DefenseLite provides seamless, unobtrusive, consistent window protection.

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Defenselite Security Glass

Smash & Grab and Theft Protection Windows in Columbus

DefenseLite is built to withstand diverse security threats. With impact-resistance 250 times stronger than glass, DefenseLite makes storefronts incredibly difficult targets for both smash & grab crime and forced entry — assailants will bypass your business and find easier targets down the street. DefenseLite also offers storm window protection, withstanding impact from debris and protecting customers, employees, and inventory amidst poor weather conditions.

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Defenselite Security Glass

Top Choice for Columbus, Ohio Riot Window Protection

Amidst rising national tensions, civil unrest can occur at any time — leading to riots, and potentially catastrophic damage and theft from storefronts. Businesses need riot protection — DefenseLite can withstand assaults from riots and repel potential intruders. We also offer RiotLite™, an innovative laminate solution designed specifically to protect businesses from riots and smash & grab crime. Built from optically clear, 4-33 mil thick film, RiotLite™ can provide another layer of window riot protection.

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