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Seamless Storm Window Installation in Houston, Texas

Storms can cause catastrophic damage to homes and businesses — it is essential to have storm protection in Houston, Texas. Choose DefenseLite, a retrofit polycarbonate storm window solution. DefenseLite installs over existing windows — a one time installation, unlike cumbersome alternatives such as storm shutters or hurricane fabric. Unlike other storm windows, DefenseLite uses custom edge banding and powder coating to be nearly invisible upon installation.

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Houston Retrofit Tropical Storm & Hurricane Window Protection

Although uncommon, hurricanes in Houston, Texas can cause catastrophic damage to Houston properties. Due to its polycarbonate construction, DefenseLite can withstand storm debris from hurricanes — absorbing the impact, preventing shatters, and keeping interiors, customers, and employees dry and unharmed. Tough structural, all-weather adhesives and sacrificial abrasive resistance ensure even greater storm protection and long-term weatherization in Houston.

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Window Glass Protection from Storms, Intruders, & Riots

With powerful impact resistance, DefenseLite can protect your property from threats beyond dangerous storms. DefenseLite absorbs the impact of strikes stemming from riot violence, smash & grab crime, and even active shooters. DefenseLite additionally offers specialized window protection solutions, including RiotLite, a stackable riot protection laminate solution, and BulletShield, a polycarbonate solution designed specifically for shooter protection.

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