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Defenselite Security Glass

Gain Nashville Window Security With Retrofit Security Glazing

As Nashville expands and grows, so does the risk of crime. Storefronts, banks, and other businesses need a layer of protection to repel intruders and ensure their business won’t get targeted. DefenseLite is the top choice for Nashville window security — a retrofit, polycarbonate security glazing. Unlike security window film, DefenseLite installs over existing glass for seamless installation — nearly invisible upon installation thanks to custom edge banding and powder coating.

Gain Reliable Security

Defenselite Security Glass

Durable, Secure Windows in Nashville, Tennessee

DefenseLite absorbs the impact of security threats using polycarbonate construction — composed of thermoplastic polymers that contain carbonate structures within their chemical makeup. Polycarbonate can provide impact resistance to threats including smash & grab crime, violence from riots, active shooters, bomb blasts, and debris from storms. Whatever the threat, DefenseLite keeps your property secure and grants owners peace of mind.

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Defenselite Security Glass

DefenseLite Provides More Than a Security Window Screen

Opposed to standard security window screens, DefenseLite provides immense additional benefits. Polycarbonate window glazing can reduce street noise by up to 40%, creating a calmer interior for your customers and employees. Thanks to UV protective coating, DefenseLite minimizes eye strain, reduces glare, and insulates more than 50% better than UV-treated glass — leading to better-retained heat, greater energy efficiency, and lower overall energy costs for property owners.

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