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Defenselite Security Glass

The Top Choice for Residential & Commercial Window Security in Ogden, Utah

Ogden, Utah has one of the highest crime rates in the country compared to communities of all sizes; to protect your property from smash & grab crime, damage from riots, & forced entry, you need protection. Install DefenseLite, a retrofit polycarbonate window glazing offering extensive impact resistance. Composed of thermoplastic polymers, DefenseLite is over 250 times stronger than glass — leading to versatile protection, stronger & easier to install than window tinting in Ogden, Utah.

Improve Window Security

Defenselite Security Glass

Bullet and Impact-Resistant Safety Windows Without Window Replacement

Across the country, incidents involving active shooters have tragically increased in frequency — especially in schools. BulletShield, a polycarbonate, bullet-resistant glass security alternative to ballistic resistant window film, can reinforce glass windows in businesses and schools for durable active shooter protection. Mounting over existing windows or door frames, BulletShield creates a protective layer to mitigate ballistic attacks, custom-fabricated based on your unique threat levels & budget. Schools can also look to RiotLite — a retrofit, stackable film laminate designed to improve shatter resistance — to improve protection from ballistic threats.

Enhance Ballistic Protection

Defenselite Security Glass

Retrofit Alternative to Window Tinting With Energy Efficiency & Soundproofing Benefits

DefenseLite provides more than just security to commercial & residential windows in Ogden, Utah. Thanks to polycarbonate’s inherent UV-blocking capabilities, DefenseLite supplies energy efficiency benefits to your property, retaining heat in the winter and reflecting it in the summer. DefenseLite is also highly effective as a means for soundproofing, reducing outside traffic noise by up to 40% without compromising the existing exterior aesthetic of your storefront or home.

Protect From UV Radiation

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