Polycarbonate COVID Face Shields

COVID Face Shields Provide Droplet Protection

RealShield, DefenseLite’s covid face shields, protect your eyes, nose, and mouth from droplets and spray. This personal protective equipment fits most hats and visors plus they’re fast, simple, and easy to attach. In addition to providing protection from the spread of disease, these polycarbonate face shields also protect your skin from the sun’s dangerous UV rays.

Durable, Reusable Polycarbonate COVID Face Shields

Unlike other clear face shields made from acetate, RealShield is a highly-durable face shield made of lightweight and shatterproof LEXAN. It’s easily washed with soap and water and can be reused again and again which means less money spent on PPE products over time. Great for teachers, hospitality workers, and anyone who wants protection from the spread of covid.

Polycarbonate Face Shields vs. COVID Face Masks

RealShield’s polycarbonate face shields are designed so you can continue working while maintaining facial recognition and visibility. Masks protect you from breathing in aerosols, but these safety face shields protect your eyes from droplets and splash. They’re comfortable, easy to attach, and prevent face touching, unlike masks that require face touching to put on and adjust.

RealShield Videos

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Customer Testimonials

RealShield™ FAQs

Do face shields work as well as masks to protect against Coronavirus?

Here is Dr Amesh Adalja, Infectious Disease Physician, Senior Scholar, Johns Hopkins says: face shields cover eyes, nose and mouth, prevent wearer from touching their face, are comfortable and reusable.

What materials are used to make RealShield™?

LEXAN™ polycarbonate material is used to make the RealShield™. LEXAN™ is optically clear. PET, PETG, and APET are not as optically clear. None of these other materials are as optically clear.

After installed, can RealShield™ be readjusted on my hat or reinstalled on a different hat?

Yes. Watch the RealOptics instructional video. RealShield™ uses a 3M™ adhesive that holds tight and leaves no adhesive residue behind, plus it can be be removed and re-applied over 40 times.

Is it normal for the RealShield™ to look hazy?

That is likely due to the protective removable liner used in shipping. Once removed, by simply peeling off from the corner, your RealShield™ will be optically clear.

What’s the best way to clean the RealShield™?

Use soap and water and a soft lint-free cloth, or lens cleaning wipes. Avoid paper towels as they may cause scratches.

Is the RealShield™ product only the shield?

Yes, the RealShield™ is easily attached to a hat or visor.

Do glasses fit under the RealShield™?

Sunglasses or prescription glasses can be worn under the RealShield™

How big is the RealShield™?

The adult size RealShield™ is approximately 13.5” wide at the mounting tabs and 7.5” tall from the top of the brim strap to the chin. The youth size is approximately 10” wide and 6” tall. The youth size fits youth size caps only and is recommended for children who wear a youth size hat and ages 3 to 10 years old.

Does the RealShield™ have SPF?

The RealShield™ cannot be used in place of sunscreen. While, LEXAN, the material used to produce RealShield™ does block some harmful UVA & UVB rays is not a replacement for sunscreen.

Will my RealShield™ fog over?

RealShield™ does not fog up because it is a non-restrictive face covering with a vent at the top under the brim of the hat and airflow from the sides. You can also adjust it away from your mouth and nose to create more ventilation. In cold air, you could notice some fogging but it will quickly dissipate.

Is the RealShield™ reusable or are they considered disposable?

Because we use premium 15 mil thick LEXAN, the RealShield™ is cleanable with alcohol wipes, Windex and a soft cloth or lens wipes for cleaning eye glasses. It can also be removed from a hat, cleaned and then reinstalled on another hat. So the answer to your question is that the RealShield™ is definitely reusable.