Retrofit Security Glazing

Impact Security is a turn-key partner for you and your Team

DefenseLite is the security glazing retrofit engineered to perform over the long-term

Impact Security, Inc.’s DefenseLite is an engineered ‘clear shield’ that mounts over existing storefront glazing to protect retailers from forced entry and “smash and grab” crime.

Custom made for each store location based on existing conditions and climate zones, DefenseLite is the flexible and vented security ‘overglaze’ solution that works to defeat the most brutal physical attacks and riotous behavior.

What Makes up a DefenseLite System

Manufactured in the US, DefenseLite utilizes American made components. DefenseLite is ‘additive’ to your existing storefront and does not replace or remove existing glass, frames, gaskets, or hardware.

  • UV coated architectural grade polycarbonate security screws

  • Double sided VHB tapes

  • Dow 995 structural anchoring adhesive

  • A patented engineered ventilation system designed to mitigate any condensation or moisture issues

How DefenseLite Works

DefenseLite is engineered to keep the bad guys out by stopping them from gaining access through storefront windows and door glass. Utilizing high optic, UV coated polycarbonate shields, upon impact the DefenseLite system flexes, repelling forced entry attempts without breaking or shattering.

Aluminum extrusions are mounted to the storefront’s existing glazing frames creating a standoff protecting your primary glass from breakage when under attack. The patent pending engineered venting designed into the DefenseLite system dynamically moves air throughout the system guaranteeing moisture control for the long-term.

How DefenseLite is Installed

DefenseLite is custom fabricated for each window and door opening and mounts onto existing window and door frames.

Impact Security manages the entire process, including installation, for its clients across the United States. Customers rely on one point of contact at Impact Security who is responsible for assessing, estimating, ordering and project management.

Our ‘in-house’ installation teams are company employees with extensive experience installing DefenseLite systems.

We do not allow DefenseLite systems to be installed by untrained, non-certified general contractors or glazing companies.

Why DefenseLite is Better

DefenseLite is an engineered system designed for robust “flexible” forced entry protection and system integrity over the long term. Each installation has uniquely “tuned” ventilation built into the DefenseLite extrusion based on local climate conditions avoiding condensation and moisture build up.

Unlike laminated glass, DefenseLite does not break under attack. Nearly invisible once installed, retailers love the maintenance free and clean appearance of DefenseLite as opposed to unsightly grills and gates.

Security window film will fail after 30-45 seconds of attack and does not stop riotous behavior. DefenseLite stops the bad guys cold, while looking great for the long haul.

Warranty, Insurance, Service of DefenseLite

  • Impact Security provides a full 2 year, no hassle/ no fault warranty for all parts and labor

  • A minimum seven (7) year warranty on the UV coated shield guarantees optical clarity, distortion free viewing and ‘non-yellowing’ of the polycarbonate

  • An extended 15-year shield warranty is also available

  • DefenseLite has a performance guarantee that protects you from system “failure”

How we Work with You

Impact Security is a turn-key partner for you and your Team. We assess, fabricate, ship, install and service for you anywhere in the US. Our single point of contact approach ensures you get exactly what is expected.

At Impact Security, customers have one person to call on for help when needed. Our Team is dedicated to delivering at the highest levels and the quality controls we have in place ensuring consistency in manufacturing through installation cannot be matched by competitors.

Impact Security is a full-service American manufacturing company based in Marietta, GA. with fabrication centers in Atlanta and Glendale, Arizona.

Founded by glass and glazing industry experts with the intention of innovating advanced security glazing systems for customers experiencing new threats to existing buildings.

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