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Residential & Commercial Window Soundproofing in Austin, Texas

Through the busy streets of Austin, Texas, it can be difficult for businesses and apartment buildings to reduce noise pollution in their interiors. DefenseLite, a polycarbonate retrofit security glazing, can stand as a reliable layer of noise reduction. With polycarbonate construction, DefenseLite acts as a sound barrier to reduce noise from both traffic and passerby  — diminishing street noise by up to 40% and creating more comfortable interiors for residents & employees.

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Defenselite Security Glass

Gain Polycarbonate Sound Barriers for Home & Business Properties

Built using polycarbonate — a synthetic material composed of thermoplastic polymers built using carbonate structures within their chemical makeup — DefenseLite provides a nearly invisible layer of sound reduction, creating better interiors without compromising the aesthetic value of your property. A retrofit solution, DefenseLite installs over existing glass windows for a seamless, unobtrusive installation process.

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Defenselite Security Glass

Austin Noise Reduction & Impact-Resistant Window Glazing

DefenseLite offers far more benefits than traditional soundproof windows in Austin, Texas. Polycarbonate also boasts extensive properties of impact resistance, protecting against security threats including smash & grab crime, active shooters, and attacks from violent rioters. Beyond impact resistance, DefenseLite also provides energy efficiency and privacy benefits, making it an extensive, flexible window glazing solution.

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