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Defenselite Security Glass

Residential & Commercial Security Window Installation

The threat of violence in Cleveland, Ohio is always present; from smash & grab crime & damage from riots to active shooters, you need to ensure your property is prepared when violence strikes. DefenseLite, a retrofit polycarbonate security glazing system, can grant you peace of mind. Made up of thermoplastic polymers that contain carbonate structures within their chemical makeup, polycarbonate absorbs the impact of potential threats and prevents shatters — keeping interiors safe and repelling aggressors.

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Defenselite Security Glass

The Top Choice for Impact Windows in Cleveland, Ohio

DefenseLite’s durable impact-resistance offers immense utility to storefronts and residences — including as a layer of storm window protection in Cleveland, Ohio. From swings from baseball bats & rocks thrown during riots to more organized attempts at smash & grab crime, DefenseLite resists shattering when faced with impact from an external threat, keeping employees, residents, and your interior safe.

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Defenselite Security Glass

Window Glazing for Security, Sound Reduction, & More

Beyond protecting your property, DefenseLite provides other benefits once installed. The multilayer polycarbonate of DefenseLite form a sound barrier from street sounds, offering noise reduction to keep interiors more serene. Additional benefits include blocking UV rays, adding a layer of privacy to obscure customers and inventory from the outside, and even reducing energy bills. Altogether, DefenseLite is a comprehensive window glazing solution for Cleveland. 

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