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Glass Security Windows and Doors in Little Rock, Arkansas

Little Rock, Arkansas has a far higher than average crime rate compared to the rest of the country. Your property needs protection from violent crime — DefenseLite can offer the reliable security you need. An affordable retrofit polycarbonate security glazing system, DefenseLite is built using thermoplastic polymers, containing carbonate structures within their chemical makeup for durable protection. From smash & grab crime to damage from riots, DefenseLite provides window protection in Little Rock, AR.

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Defenselite Security Glass

Privacy Window Installation for Little Rock Homes & Businesses

DefenseLite can also offer window privacy for your home or business in Little Rock Arkansas — acting as a privacy coating, obscuring interiors from external threats, and providing additional peace of mind to employees and customers. Unlike other options for window security & privacy, DefenseLite installs over existing window glass, leading to unobtrusive, seamless installation over windows. Always installed by our experts, DefenseLite provides long-lasting, tested protection and privacy.

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Defenselite Security Glass

Window Glazing for Energy Efficiency and Sound Reduction

Beyond privacy and security, DefenseLite can offer even further benefits for glass windows and doors in Little Rock. DefenseLite’s composition acts as a polycarbonate sound barrier, reducing street noise and sound pollution and creating a quieter interior. Polycarbonate also provides year-round energy efficiency. In winter months it acts as a window heat blocker, while it reflects UV and infrared rays during the summer.

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