Sliding Glass Door Security: What Options Work Best?

security storm doors with glass and screen

Sliding glass doors add beauty and natural light to your home which makes them a very popular addition. However, what they add in aesthetics, they also add in security risks. While sliding glass doors may look nice, they are also easy targets for criminals looking for a quick way into a home.

Fortunately, there are ways to increase sliding glass door security to protect your home from break-ins. Some of these are affordable, easy installations, while others cost more time and money. We’ll break down all of your glass door security options so you can decide what is best for you.

Sliding Glass Door Security Risks

There are four main aspects of glass doors that contribute to their security risks and all of the options to improve security will tackle one of these risks.

1. Locks

The factory installation locks that come with most sliding glass doors are highly simplistic, typically consisting of a latch that hooks onto the door frame. These types of locks are very easy to disable and don’t do much to keep criminals from entering your home.

2. Location

The most common location for sliding glass doors is in the back or side of a home, rarely in the front where there is the most visibility. The fact that these doors are out of sight make them a prime target for thieves because they have plenty of time to break through the door without gathering attention from neighbors or others nearby.

3. Visibility

You likely installed this type of door so you could increase natural light and your views to the outside. Unfortunately, this also increases visibility into the inside of your home. Criminals are able to use this visibility to see your belongings and whether or not anyone is home.

4. Glass

Again, while the glass is a major benefit of the installation for you, this aspect of the door makes it more vulnerable to attack. Even if you have a sturdy lock on your door, criminals are still able to shatter the tempered glass and gain entry, making this one of the most vulnerable areas of your home.

Ways to Increase Sliding Glass Door Security

When it comes to glass door security options, there are quite a few products available from your local store that can help to put your mind at ease and deter criminals from ever thinking about harming your property.

Install a Sliding Door Lock

Since the locks that come with most sliding glass doors are so flimsy and easy to bypass, it is highly recommended to install an aftermarket lock that will make it much harder for thieves to open your door.

Use a Security Bar

Security bars are placed in the track of a sliding glass to physically prevent the door from opening. This is an improved and enhanced version of placing a broomstick in the track of a door. Most security bars use a pressure system to ensure a snug fit and padded ends to avoid damaging your doors.

Install a Security System

Installing security cameras and an alarm system is a great way to deter criminals from even attempting to enter your home. These installations are best instituted with additional forms of security like glass break detectors, locks, and bars since a determined and bold criminal may attempt a break-in even with a security system installed. The security system will alert law enforcement of a breach, but won’t stop the crime from occurring.

Cover the Doors

Covering the glass of the doors with blinds, shutters, or a privacy window film can prevent criminals from seeing your belongings and knowing your whereabouts. Shutters and blinds may not actually be able to stop a criminal from breaking through the door, but they do limit visibility. Privacy films sometimes have the additional benefit of slowing down an intruder by making the glass difficult to damage.

Install Impact Resistant Security Shields

Security glass products like DefenseLite are a retrofit solution that are designed to stand up to impacts from blunt objects like hammers, crow bars, and rocks to prevent criminals from gaining entry to your home. They are made of polycarbonate which is 250 times stronger than glass so it is able to deflect the energy away rather than shattering. Installing security shields over your sliding glass doors stops criminals in their tracks and protects the glass from breakage.

Glass Security Door Installations

DefenseLite’s clear polycarbonate panels act as a security door over your sliding glass doors. Once installed, your doors will be nearly impenetrable and will prevent criminals from ever gaining entry to your home.

Our authorized dealers and installers have been trained to design solutions to keep people and property safe. If you’re interested in increasing your sliding glass door security, find a dealer near you or contact us.

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