DefenseLite PRO: The Ultimate in Retail Security and Loss Prevention Solutions

defenselite pro bulletproof panels

We changed the retail security game when we launched our DefenseLite retrofit security glazing system in 2017. Now, we bring you DefenseLite PRO – an extra strength, extra security, and extra protection anti-theft retail shop security solution to withstand costly and unprecedented forced entry.

What is DefenseLite PRO?

DefenseLite PRO utilizes a 0.375-inch UV stabilized, transparent polycarbonate security shield. It features outstanding impact strength, superior dimensional stability, high-temperature resistance, and visual clarity. This lightweight thermoformable sheet is easy to fabricate and can be customized as a superior retail security solution for any commercial window or physical door opening.

What’s the difference between DefenseLite and DefenseLite PRO?

A thicker extrusion and a thicker glazing panel are the main differences between our original DefenseLite glazing system and DefenseLite PRO. The extrusion on the original DefenseLite system is .063 inches thick while the DefenseLite PRO system’s extrusion is almost twice as thick at 0.125 inches.

When an intruder attempts to repeatedly smash a retail storefront window, each blow can potentially create a slight pillowing effect on the polycarbonate panel. Utilizing a heavier duty extrusion and polycarbonate reduces the amount of pillowing, which provides added physical security and access control by protecting the primary glazing.

In the unfortunate scenario where your alarm system is surpassed, or rioters are relentlessly attempting to break into your business, the added protection provided by our new DefenseLite PRO system will add greater protection for your employees and property.

Do retail shops really need DefenseLite PRO for advanced security?

In a recent project with a major retailer in downtown Atlanta, we installed sixty-two DefenseLite PRO security glazing shields to protect the existing windows and doors. The customer was looking to protect against smash-and-grabs without a negative impact on the aesthetic of the building façade. As you can see, DefenseLite PRO is invisible once installed.

Security gates are ugly, ineffective, and require more work for your employees. With DefenseLite PRO, the ultimate in retail security systems, you’re protected twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.

Get Retail Security and Loss Prevention Solutions with DefenseLite PRO

Criminals are getting craftier and smarter. More and more retailers are realizing that their current security measures will not withstand the next generation of intruders. That’s why we’re here to help.

With the times being increasingly unpredictable, your business needs to be protected. When it comes to loss prevention, protecting your employees and your property, our retrofit glazing systems can save you thousands of dollars. Whether it’s thieves or rioters, you can rest easy with DefenseLite PRO as your first line of defense.

Interested in finding out more about DefenseLite PRO? Give us a call at (888) 689 – 5502.

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